CCM band The Color is releasing two versions of their newest single, including a radio and worship version.

"This is a song we wrote about a year ago. At the time, touring had shut down and to be honest, we kind of felt like we were out of a job," says frontman Jordan Janzen.

With not much to do, the band wrote many songs during this time. 

"In the midst of it, it was hard to find clarity. This song speaks to that and wrestles with the reality of our human perspective. We go through life we want to know why things are happening and desire that control or clarity. For us, it reminds us that though we see the small piece of the picture, God sees it all."

'Better Way' was released on June 25, 2021, and is the third single they've released on their upcoming new album.

"With that, we can walk forward in faith, trusting that we may not know how things are going to go, or not as we expect, but He's leading us in a better way."

Janzen is on his last day of quarantine after his wife tested positive for COVID-19. The family otherwise is healthy and well, looking forward to doing some camping as a family in the summer. 

The Color will be having one more virtual tour during the summer, focusing on the impact their music has had. The announcement with all the details are yet to come.