Black Bear Rescue Manitoba is filling up after three cubs were left in their care late last week. 

The three-month-old sisters from Waywayseecappo, Manitoba, were brought to the rescue, located in Stonewall, by Natural Resources staff.

"Sadly, their mother is deceased, and we were told she is believed to have been shot," said the rescue in a Facebook post.

The cubs were on their own for a couple of days, staying near to their mother before they were found by Natural Resources staff hiding in a culvert. 

Despite being left on their own for two days, the cubs were vet-checked and given a clean bill of health. Two of the cubs weigh 9.2 lbs, while the third is 9.8 lbs.

"We’re feeding them milk replacer every three hours, soon to increase to four hours, and they’re having no trouble switching from nursing to drinking from a bowl."

The three cubs join Winston, an abandoned bear cub found when he was just two weeks old near Devil’s Lake, Man., about 70 kilometres southeast of Dauphin.

"All bears have their own personality, so there is a very shy cub, a bold one, and the sister who falls somewhere in between."

Black Bear Rescue Manitoba says they always watch for newly arrived cubs to play for the first time as a sign they're settling in and getting over the trauma of losing their mom. They say they are already playing, just a week into their new temporary home. 

Winston, now 14.8 lbs, will meet his new friends once they're settled in and are on the same feeding schedule.

"It’s very unfortunate that these three cubs lost their mother, but as sad as it is for them, it’s very good that Winston will now have companions."