In response to a call from God, a ministerial couple is hosting traditional worship services to spread his word and connect with other Christians.

Ken and Carolee Neufeld are a Winnipeg couple who have taught others through seminars, gone Christian camping, established a Mennonite Brethren congregation in the north, led denominational missions, pastored at several churches, and offered prayer counselling.

To add to their experience, they decided to host traditional worship services in November on the first and third Sundays of the month; November 6 and November 20. There are three services set up, the first was hosted back on October 16.

"Well, we've had a desire to do this kind of service for a long time, but we sensed that this was the time and we moved into it with some hesitation, but we started by setting a date and moving toward it and it seemed to have come together okay," says Ken Neufeld. 

"Part of the reason is that we love the traditional services and we've been part of many, many kinds of worship services and we have enjoyed them all, but this is something that we have a passion for and that we've loved over the years," says Carolee Neufeld.

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The meaning of a traditional service is subject to change as everyone has their own experiences, but the Neufelds describe their traditional services as having prominent moments in the service. This includes a spiritual greeting at the beginning, Bible reading and hymn singing which is spread out throughout the services, and to conclude the service there is a biblical benediction.

There will be guest speakers, and special musicians to lead the worship from various backgrounds. Each service will be presented with a strong mission focus, with the congregation having the option to provide an offering for the mission.

"At our first service, we had Pierre Gilbert speaking, who is a professor at CMU. The next one coming up on November 6, there will be Ralph Unger who is a long-lifetime pastor in the EMC, and the last one, on November 20, will be by Delbert Enns who has a whole lifetime of missionary DNA and preaching."

Each of the services is held in person at different locations in the city. The next service will be held at McIvor Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church at 4:00 p.m. with refreshments to follow.  The location for the third service is still to be determined.

For more information, call 204-612-6758 or email