A significance to the discussion of posture is more apparent now than ever before because of technology.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more are compromising our physical health through poor posture, and there's no escaping it between leisure and work activities says Dr. Jane Peterson from Connect Chiropractic.

"Being aware of how your posture is when you are utilizing those technologies is very important," said Peterson. "Historically, we're meant to be upright; that's what our bodies are designed to do."

But constant use of technology has contributed to what Dr. Trevor Clark refers to as "text neck."

"A lot of us are getting that forward head posture using these devices," Clark explained, "and the research shows that for every half inch forward we hold our heads from that central point, it adds 10 pounds of pressure to our neck and our upper back."

This position weakens extensor muscles due to their overuse.

Increased use of technology by children can be especially damaging to their posture, which becomes flexed, Clark says, including the rounding of the mid-back and forward-rounded shoulders.

Peterson says, too, that video games usually result in poor, slouched posture becoming apparent in kids. "That goes for some adults as well."

The main thing still contributing to poor posture, in addition to technology, is work when an ergonomic set-up is not being used. 

Being self-aware, and trying to generally sit upright to strengthen back extensors will contribute to developing an improved posture position.

Beginning that process can be as easy as having a friend or family member video-record you so that you can see where your posture needs improvement.

"It is a wake-up call for a lot of people, but then you can have more self-awareness," Clark said. "A lot of people don't realize our heads are roughly the weight of a bowling ball... so you want it directly centred over top (sic) of your shoulders."

Poor posture causes stress on the human spine and nervous system, which can lead to a number of distinct and uncomfortable issues with the body, such as cervicogenic headaches, lower back pain, sciatic pain, and degenerative arthritic changes over time.

Chiropractic care becomes an important factor in preventing such issues. "We can get those area moving to release some of that pressure," said Peterson.

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