As Russia’s war continues around them, the TransWorld Radio Ukraine team is speaking the hope of Christ to their country through radio programs and social media. See the latest Ukraine updates from TWR here.

“Our Ukrainian team [has] seen an incredible increase in followers during the past few months,” Frank Stephenson of TWR Europe says.

“I think it was around 10,000 followers in February, and now it’s over 50,000.”

The TWR Ukraine team sent the following update about a testimony they received from a listener:

“One Ukrainian woman wrote on Instagram to tell about miraculous incidents she had witnessed that revealed God’s power to protect and transform lives. 

“Not long after the war broke out in February, refugees fleeing the devastating attacks on Kharkiv arrived at the woman’s church, and her family invited them to dinner. Kharkiv is the country’s second-largest city and has been under repeated bombardment since day one – even during the past week.

“The refugees knew virtually nothing about God, and one man seemed unable to sit still as he continually checked his cellphone. Eventually, they learned why: his parents had stayed behind in Kharkiv.

“The host family’s father presented an introduction to the faith, sharing about God and His power to save us from sin. Others offered testimonies. Then they prayed and asked the Lord to bless the beleaguered visitors, who left the next day.

“A few days later, the man who was so worried about his family called the woman’s father and exclaimed, ‘I believe in God! Today I asked my friend to take my parents away from Kharkiv, and as soon as they left, my parents’ house was completely destroyed. I know that it is surely the God to whom you prayed!’

“The woman concluded her story on Instagram with a perfectly suited Bible verse from Psalms: “I sought the Lord and He answered me and rescued me from all my fears.” ‘When we sincerely ask the Lord for help,’ she observed, ‘He never leaves us. Praise be to God for His wonders.’”

Tragedy may fill the headlines, but the Lord isn’t done working in Ukraine. “They get some pretty amazing responses,” Stephenson says of his cohorts on the TWR Ukraine team.

“It’s very touching to see glimmers of hope in the midst of this darkness.”

Along with broadcasting the hope of Christ, the TWR Ukraine team is sharing the burdens of fellow believers. A Russian bombing destroyed large portions of the Irpin Bible Seminary in Kyiv last month.

A few days ago, TWR Ukraine team members visited the seminary to help with clean-up. See the team in action here.

Next steps

No matter what Russia’s strategy may be or what happens next in Ukraine, “this conflict will not end anytime soon,” Stephenson observes.

“We want to be there for the long run.”

You can help through the TWR Crisis Fund. The fund covers everything from tangible aid for staff and partners to production and transmitter costs.

“What are the consequences of war? Hatred is one of them, and I’m sure there’s a lot of hatred on either side,” Stephenson says.

“We’re not called to be agents of hatred, but agents of hope. It is really important that the content they produce continues to go out.”

Pray the Lord will protect the TWR Ukraine team. “Every day is a new day, a different day, and might be our last day,” Stephenson says.

“Pray for fear not to take over, but for the Lord’s powerful Word to deeply impact people.”


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.