Paul Kelly had a passion to bring Christian music to cities and churches across Canada, and that has been the driving force behind Unite Productions touring bands coast to coast every year since 2002.

Over the years, Unite has seen thousands gather in Jesus’ name to worship and experience God’s love, but in 2020 everything was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to everything.

"We've been going for a year without getting paid," Kelly explains. "With a show, the box office of the venue holds the money until we deliver the show."

And for Paul and his team, with all of the public health restrictions in place, they have been unable to book any shows, at least until 2022.

"Right now, For King and Country are coming in June. Pat Barrett, we've moved it quite a bit because we love Pat Barrett. His songs are getting deeper in the church. That's looking like May. We don't know just yet," says Kelly.

One thing he does know is that once all public health restrictions have been lifted and people are allowed to gather together for a concert or worship night, he says it is going to be unlike anything before.

"We think what we bring is going to go through the roof. People are going to want to get together and lift their voices," Kelly explains. 

Today on Connections, Paul shares the inspiration behind Unite Productions and how the pandemic has impacted Christian music tours in Canada.