A well-known Oklahoma pastor was recently reunited with a Bible he lost 15 years ago, and is sharing the story of how it fell into the hands of another man whose life it changed forever.

Paul Daugherty is the pastor of Victory Church in Tulsa, Okl. A week ago he made a post on his social media accounts sharing what he called a "crazy story."

"Meet Clayton," the post says, showing two men on-stage at a church with one of them holding a well-worn Bible. Clayton, who is on the left of the photo, found the Bible a decade earlier at a shelter in the city, Daugherty says. The Bible's cover was embossed with the name P. Daugherty, but Clayton had no idea who that was at the time.


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Clayton says that when he opened the Bible he saw "all kind of little journal notes, and underlines and scribble thoughts next to scripture verses from the Old Testament to the New Testament," Daugherty writes. 

"He said he treasured those little scribbled thoughts and notes as much as the Bible verses over the years when he would pick it up and read it occasionally - until finally he surrendered his life to Christ recently and broke free of a lot of stuff."

Clayton showed up at Victory Church for an evening service the other week Daugherty says, and presented the Bible to him. "(He) asked if I knew who’s (sic) it was!!?"

The Bible belonged to Daugherty when he was in middle and high school. He had no idea where it had been for the last decade and a half.

"God used my old messy scribbled in Bible to save this guy's life who now is saved, set free, and brought his whole family with kids to church tonight!!!! The WORD IS ALIVE AND POWERFUL!!!"


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h/t: CBN