Grace frees us to fly. So, fly! Dare I give a few illustrations? Aw, why not? You've had your eye on that sailboat or catamaran or sports car for some time. Why not? You've thought a lot about a cruise or a trip to Europe but never permitted yourself to do more than think. Why not?

Your hairdo has looked the same for three decades. You've wondered about trying something really chic. Why not?

You long to get your degree, but everybody tells you to give up that dream; it's too late. Should you press on? Why not?

You were raised to play it safe, never risk to think of all the missionaries who have it so you've never given yourself permission to skydive or bungee jump or hop into a pair of roller blades or let your hair blow in the breeze with the convertible top down. Why not? (If it helps, most missionaries I know wouldn't hesitate to do any of those things at a second's notice. So don't use them as your excuse!)

Your kids are still around and you realize it won't be many more years and they will all be why not build some great memories? Take them out of school for the day and go to Disneyland. Or how about a fishing trip or a drive up into the mountains for an overnight out under the stars? Or plan a big family reunion this summer? Why not?

You're an adult. But your mom or dad still maintains too much control over you. You long to be strictly on your own, free of those manipulative "hints" and guilt trips. It's time to break away and get unstuck. Why not?

You'd love to throw a big, crazy party with a few happy-go-lucky folks who know how to have fun. Why in the world not?

Grace frees us to fly. So, fly!


Excerpted from Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, Copyright © 2000 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. (Thomas Nelson Publishers). All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission.