After two months, Lillis Penner’s Giving Fence is doing what it was intended to. 

Irene Kroeker at Steinbach Community Outreach says it’s very helpful for people to have easy access to food and other necessities when outreach is closed. 

“Because we’re closed at 3:30pm. And what if they’re not able to come? Then they have nothing to eat,” Kroeker says. “So, they're able to go there and have a sandwich or anything that she is able to bake and it's wonderful. We absolutely encourage her, and we support her 100 per cent. We are so grateful to have her.” 

Every night, Lillis Penner and her husband refill the specially created rack that is in their yard on First Street in Steinbach. They add food, drinks, snacks and other items that are meant to ease the suffering of people in the local homeless community. 

“There are four packages left on here, three of them are socks and one of them is soap,” she says. “And it was loaded last night. There had to be over 30 items on that tree, and it's gone. There’s a lot of demand for travel size shampoos and conditioners and lotions.” 

People are also requesting more bottles of water. 

Penner is passionate about helping people who are going through a difficult time. 

“This is just saying, ‘Hey, you’re not invisible, we can see you, tell me what you need.’” 

You can reach Penner via email at if you would like to learn more about this unique way of connecting with the homeless community.

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