Kanye West, prior to his appearance at Lakewood Church, performs with members of the gospel choir at two Harris County jails.

The secret performance from West and his Sunday Service Collective started with one performance for more than 200 men at the 701 San Jacinto building, reports the Houston Chronicle.

West later turned up in the main Baker Street jail to do a second show for a smaller crowd of women.

West performed songs from his latest album Jesus is King for the inmates. "This is a mission, not a show," says West.

Dure the finale of West's low-key concert, many of the male inmates knelt down in prayer together while several of the women inmates cried.

West’s representatives told the Chronicle that they contacted Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Wednesday to coordinate the secret performance at the jail. West’s team had also contacted the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to officer a live concert at one of the state’s 104 prisons, but the department declined, noting that they needed more time to coordinate such an event