Find out all the good news that happened here in Manitoba and abroad this week. 

Long Plain First Nation elects first female Chief in nearly 60 years

Long Plain First Nation has elected their second-ever female Chief. 

Kyra Wilson accumulated the most votes in the community’s election on April 14, according to unofficial results posted online, with the official results expected this week.

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Plane crash survivor and America’s Got Talent finalist shares her emotional story filled with courage, resiliency, and hope

The first thing most people notice when they meet Kechi Okwuchi is her scars.

Okwuchi is just one of two survivors of the devastating Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 plane crash on December 10, 2005, that killed more than one hundred people. Kechi was just sixteen years old when the crash happened.

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Iranians find Jesus while celebrating in Turkey

Each year, thousands of Iranians visit Turkey for the Persian New Year. They can celebrate more freely in Turkey than they can in Iran, where the government closely monitors behaviour.

Bibles for the World takes this opportunity to have conversations with the revellers about Jesus. John Pudaite says, “This year, as we geared up for it, we decided to go in for two consecutive weeks with two different teams and provide scriptures.”

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'This is just another mission field': YFC staffer battles stage 4 cancer with an eye on Jesus

A Manitoba familly has watched their dad and husband struggle with aggressive cancer this past year while finding it to be an opportunity for missions at the same time. 

Paul Emmer and his wife Allison have been full-time missionaries in Manitoba for the past 10 years on top of raising eight children. 

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From porn star to pastor: How one man went from the adult film industry to sharing the gospel

Becoming a movie star, and achieving fame, was something that Joshua Broome dreamed of from an early age. 

He started acting and modelling at 15 years old before heading to college, where he studied theatre for two years. 

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Afghan refugees rescued from traffickers

If all refugees and displaced people formed their own country, it would be the world’s 17th-largest nation.

“Every three seconds, someone is newly displaced in the world because of war, violence, and persecution,” World Mission’s Greg Kelley says.

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Law combating modern slavery and child labour a priority: federal minister

Labour Minister Seamus O'Regan says the Liberal government is planning legislation to make Canadian companies ensure that they are not using slave labour or exploiting child workers overseas.

In an interview, O’Regan said he is preparing a "comprehensive" bill that would require Canadian firms and government departments to scrutinize supply chains with the aim of protecting workers.

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From years of infertility to 10 children in eight years

Alicia Dougherty and her husband, Josh, experienced nine years of infertility and losses.

They knew that they wanted to be parents, so they started looking into foster care and adoption.

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'This is just a building, we're going to continue on': tornado in Texas flattens everything but cross

A cross was the only thing left intact inside a church in Salado, Texas after an EF-3 tornado flattened many buildings this past week, offering the congregation a sign of hope. 

"It may not look like it now, but good things will come out of this," says Donnie Jackson, the pastor of the Cedar Valley Baptist Church to the local news station. 

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Christian film 'Blue Miracle' wins award for most inspiring movie of 2021

A film starring Dennis Quaid has won the 'Christian Oscar' award for Most Inspiring Film. 

The Movieguide Awards’ 30th annual show aired this past Sunday and awarded the film Blue Miracle with the Epiphany Award. Movieguide seeks to honour the best family-friendly movies and TV shows through this awards show. 

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'God has a purpose for it': Anne Graham Lotz's daughter recovering after rushed to hospital on Easter weekend

Billy Graham's granddaughter says that she is seeing God moving in the midst of difficult circumstances, as she continues to struggle with heart issues. 

Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, the daughter of Anne Graham Lotz, was rushed to hospital over the Easter weekend after experiencing chest pain.

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Manitoba Métis meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican

A Métis group from Manitoba say Pope Francis took ownership of the harms of the Roman Catholic Church during a meeting at the Vatican today.

Manitoba Métis Federation President David Chartrand says the meeting was a very powerful way to start the healing process.

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Building a thriving marriage across personal and social differences

For years, others have asked Gail Song Bantum and Brian Bantum to reveal the secret to their marriage as a multiracial Christian couple with high-profile ministry callings.

They're doing that in their new book, Choosing Us: Marriage and Mutual Flourishing in a World of Difference.

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Earth Day: Benefits of gardening and buying local

St-Léon Gardens is thrilled to be opening for the season shortly, and the co-owner is sharing some tips on helping people lessen their carbon footprint.

"Earth Day for me is often very busy because it coincides with the launch of our store," says Colin Remillard, co-owner of St. Léon Gardens located on St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg. "But I think for most people it's a reminder that we do live on a precarious planet. Let's make sure every day is Earth Day and we practise what we do for fun on Earth day, every day of the year."

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Elevation Rhythm releases debut album

The newest group from Elevation Worship Records, Elevation Rhythm, recently released their new debut LP titled Growing Pains.

"It came from being in the pandemic and the last two and a half years, where everything was so uncertain and there was a lot of fear and anxiety," Davide Mutendji explained. "Growing Pains is like, we don't have to know exactly what's coming up next and what's going to be in the future, but we can trust that who we believe in and where our faith is placed means that we have an assurance that there is a hope that we're living for."

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Southeastern Manitoba setting the standard for generosity in Canada

Data from Statistics Canada shows just how generous Manitobans have been, even during the pandemic. 

Spokesperson Francois Page says they have now released statistics for the 2020 tax year. It shows that in Canada, 18.4 per cent of tax filers claimed a donation that year. In Manitoba, it climbs to 20.6 per cent. In fact, Manitoba is the leading province when it comes to the percentage of tax filers reporting a charitable donation. Page confirms that for 16 years running, Manitoba has topped that list.

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Earth Day and caring for creation

Today is Earth Day.

Every year on April 22nd, people across the country recognize and celebrate Earth Day, one of the largest environmental events in the world. 

The goal is not only to promote Earth Day just once a year but to connect people to nature every day. 

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