Giving back and overcoming difficult obstacles -- from disease to amputation and, of course, COVID-19 -- were themes in this week's good news feed.

Love-centred parenting: Helping parents love their children like Jesus does

Do you worry that you’re messing up your kids? Do you get stressed when you think about their futures? New York Times bestselling author Crystal Paine knows how you feel. A mom of four, Crystal has struggled with anxiety over parenting. 

After experiencing a terrifying experience with one of her children, Crystal Paine decided she needed to make some big changes to the way that she was parenting her children.

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Christian heavy-rock band Project 86 celebrating 25 years in music

Over the course of three days, Christian-based rock and post-hardcore band Project 86 is celebrating 25 years with 25 songs.

"Our motivation was to create an experience that was more than a show, a stream, or even a piece of recorded music," the band says on their Facebook page. "This will be a three-day party, and the most ambitious event we have ever planned by far."

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Grandfather attempting new World Record, seeking fan involvement

While most people relax for their 65th birthday, Arvid Loewen is attempting to break another cycling world record.

"This year I will attempting to break the 10,000 km Guinness World Record for somebody to ride this in the fastest and shortest time possible," says Loewen. 

The previous record-holder was set by Guus Moonen from the Netherlands in 2010, when he cycled 10,000 km in 22 days, 15 hours and 34 minutes. This will actually be Loewen's second attempt at this particular GWR as the first time he tried breaking this it was in 2014. Loewen made it halfway before calling it quits. 

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Char’s Gift: A Remarkable Story of Hope Through the Storms of Life

Char Harryman faced a life-limiting diagnosis with extraordinary courage and faith, and she used the time she was given to be a gift to others.

On Easter Sunday back in 1995, Char suffered a grand mal seizure. And then another. And another. This eventually led to numerous tests where doctors discovered a golf ball-sized malignant tumour on her brain. 

Doctors gave Char two years to live.

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Trucker alive because of two good Samaritans

After a trucker was passing through Manitoba, he had a medical emergency and thankfully two Samaritans stopped to help.

John Sparks is a long-haul trucker who works throughout Canada and the US. He lives in Saskatchewan.

On Thursday, April 15, Sparks was travelling near Piney, Man. an hour and a half southeast from Winnipeg near the U.S.A border when he had a medical emergency. 

"He was in medical distress and unable to continue driving. He got out of his semi to try to flag down some help and was found lying outside of his truck," says one of Sparks's sisters, Roberta.

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Woman once homeless now giving back to same population

A woman from Winnipeg is now giving out haircuts to people experiencing homelessness as she used to be in the same situation.

"I used to be a substance user, and homeless. I found this homeless shelter called Sscope. When I decided to quit doing drugs, I went to the shelter and stayed there," says Jennifer Watson.

Watson was grateful to have a place to stay and so she started volunteering there as well. 

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Advocate breaking down COVID-19 vaccine barriers for newcomers

A local leader says after helping newcomers and people in her community learn about the COVID-19 vaccine, she was overjoyed to get hers.

Maysoun Darweesh is MMC Manitoba's Program Coordinator for Migration and Resettlement, a board member with Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba, and Executive Director of Kurdish Initiative For Refugees Inc., an organization she started with her late husband, Nour Ali.

As a refugee herself, Darweesh has spent many years fostering relationships with Manitoba's Kurdish community, which recently has including talking about the pandemic and vaccine.

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Local author hoping to start thankfulness movement

A Winnipeg Christian author just released his second book, this time hoping to start a movement of gratitude.

Derek Bradley recently published his second book called 365 1/4 A Thankfulness Project

"A tough life circumstance came my way and I was trying to find my way through. Speaking materialistically, I have what a lot of other people have, a family, but the joy just wasn't coming back," he says. 

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New faith based film 'WALKING WITH HERB' combines sports, humour and second chances

A new faith-based film will soon hit the big screen.

WALKING WITH HERB takes audiences on an 18 hole rollercoaster ride as one man discovers how the impossible can be possible through faith family and second chances. 

"We're all being bludgeoned in this world right now. I'm hoping the audience will take away a little hope, a little joy and a little laughter," said Kathleen Quinlan.

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Local teacher's children's book encourages kindness during pandemic

Gloria Fligg is the author of the brand new fun and lesson-filled children's book called Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros.

Fligg is also a teacher at Springs Christian Academy in Winnipeg.

"I do what's called student services working in a department for children with additional needs. As well, I support a lot of the early year's literacy, and do a lot of reading groups," says Fligg.

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Germans under 30 are the group that most believes in God

In Germany, annual statistics of the mainline Protestant and Catholic churches show the continuous fall in membership of these historic institutional churches.

It is in this context that the answers of young people about faith published in the German newspaper Bild are surprising.

According to the research conducted by the Insa agency, 64 per cent of Germans under the age of 30 believe in God.

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From cancer diagnosis to an opportunity to help others in difficult situations

Almost two years ago, Ann Mainse, host of the Canadian Christian television program A Better Us, and former host of 100 Huntley Street received a devastating phone call from her doctor informing her of a cancer diagnosis. 

"In 2019 when I went for my regular mammogram, they discovered a shadow," said Mainse. "That led to more testing, which led to a biopsy and on June 10, 2019, I was all alone in my house (my husband was at a tournament two hours away) and my doctor called me with the results and she said, Ann, your biopsy shows cancer cells."

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5 best bike paths in Winnipeg

With bike sales up and spring weather upon us, a Winnipeg bike expert is sharing some of his favourite paths to cycle on. 

Tim Woodcock is the owner of Woodcock Cycle in Winnipeg.

"The overall growth [for purchasing bicycles] last year, the numbers were up around 40% globally," says Woodcock. "A lot of people had more time on their hands, wanted to get in shape, and something a little more COVID friendly as you can be isolated when you're riding."

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Pastor sharing importance of love during pandemic

A pastor is frustrated seeing Christians use Bible verses to justify not following the Public Health Orders.

People have been gathering in large groups against the Public Health Orders in Manitoba, including as recently as at The Forks on Sunday. Arguments being brought forward are the health orders are creating mental health and economic issues.

"We are really at this point where everyone is tired of these restrictions. This could really be our last push," Dr. Brent Roussin says in a Monday Press Conference, saying with vaccinations picking up large restrictions may soon be a thing of the past.

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Local author releases first book in Christian YA fiction

Shaylin Klassen from Steinbach has published her first Christian YA novel in a trilogy, called The Headspace

"It's a young adult coming of age novel and it focuses on a teenage boy who grew up in an abusive home. Throughout the course of the book, it shows how he is trying to heal from that," says Klassen. 

While she has put out a few eBooks before this, The Headspace is Klassen's first self-published book available in hardcopy also.

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Nearly 350 Iranians come to Jesus through TV broadcasts

Leaders of a Christian TV network claim that the Iranian government is trying to jam their signal, but nearly 350 people have still made a decision to follow Jesus through watching the network in the last three months.

Heart4Iran operates a satellite television network that broadcasts Christian content. “We changed our feed to be on a different satellite broadcasting from outside of Iran into Iran,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says.

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Supporting actress in faith-filled film wins Oscar

A movie about immigration and faith was nominated for several Oscars and won one for its acting.

Minari tells the story of a Korean family moving to the south for a fresh start. Youn Yuh-jung, who plays the grandmother, won Best Supporting Actress. Youn is the first Korean and second Asian woman to win this Oscar for acting. Youn says she came to American after she and her husband heard Billy Graham preach.

Youn was a known actress in Korea and dreamed of staring in Christian films.

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Shine on: Quadruple amputee spreads hope even in her darkest time

"Honey, you’ve been very ill and they’ve had to amputate …” His voice cracked. I searched his face, looking for some kind of clue to tell me why I sensed so much pain from him and in me. “… Your hands and feet.”

Those were the first words that Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens husband spoke when she awoke from being in a coma for almost six weeks. 

Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens was a successful business manager, working in product and sales as well as marketing management. She had also just given birth to her son when necrotizing fasciitis (otherwise known as flesh-eating disease) entered her life and altered it forever.

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'God is faithful and true': Actress shares powerful testimony after getting rebaptized

A Hollywood star celebrated her birthday last week by getting baptized once again and sharing her story of wandering from faith and being "rescued by Jesus" with over half a million followers on social media.

"Today is my birthday," Kimberly Elise writes on April 17. "I mean that literally, 54 years ago my mother gave birth to me after a long, hard labour (thank you Mom). And spiritually, YHWH has given me a new birth."

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Teen celebrates milestone birthday by giving back

A teenager from Thompson, Man. is celebrating his 18th birthday by throwing a party for those less fortunate. 

Colin Winship is in graduating from high school in June. Instead of throwing a big party with his friends to celebrate becoming an adult, Winship is doing something a little more thoughtful, since he can't have people over with the current COVID restrictions. 

"I was kind of lonely for my 17th birthday," he says as it was shortly after the first round of lockdowns. "But I still wanted to do something special for my 18th."

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Manitoba reptile farm feeling love after devastating fire

A family-run reptile farm in Manitoba that suffered $100,000-worth of damage in a fire last week has been getting support from the local community.

Westman Reptile Gardens owners Dave and Candi Shelvey house and sell hundreds of reptiles like cobra snakes and alligators, but the business caught fire Wednesday.

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