This week was filled with good news, including many Canadian Christian artists bringing hope to crowds around the country, an ice-tea stand that blesses a boy battling cancer, and a senior pushing his body to the limit all to bless children in Kenya. 

Partnership pays off for pastors in rural Uganda

Uganda’s pandemic lockdowns led to discipleship opportunities – in 2020 and today.

When society locked down two years ago, Set Free Ministries equipped teachers to visit students at home. Set Free’s Dave McIntyre says, “They started many local Bible studies in the villages.”

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Manitoba family brings new meaning to 'down-sizing' as they move into an RV

A family from Ste. Anne is going on an extended vacation with no destination and no return date. 

Amanda Unger and her husband, Brenden, decided to trade their home and 14 acres for a large motorhome and an extended vacation. 

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65-year-old grandpa beats previous cycling record, raises over $120,000 for MCF

Arvid Loewen successfully finished his extreme cycling event at Bird's Hill Park this past weekend, which is helping feed kids in Kenya and give them hope through Jesus Christ. 

"The event went very much as planned, or hoped for," says Loewen. "It was fairly decent weather so I can't complain about that. I started off very consistent. I was off the bike for very little time but I got in trouble overnight because it got very cold, about 8 degrees. I started to really shake and couldn't get rid of the shivers so I had to stop and get in the car to warm up for 20 minutes just to get my body temperature back up again."

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Indigenous Gospel Music Festival, Jesus 2022 unifying many cultures

This past weekend was the first ever gospel event held at CN stage at the Forks Marketplace, called Jesus 2022. 

"The event was all about Jesus," says Melvina Guiboche, the event coordinator for Jesus 2022. "The former Grand Chief David Harper and his wife Belinda have been hosting this event, this is the third year."

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She Wears Worth: Raising next generation of girls/women in Christ

Courtney Reimer knows what it's like to question who she is, and her faith, which is why she's so passionate about raising up the next generation of girls to be rooted in Christ. 

"I was born and raised Catholic and spent 27 years doing all the things that you're 'supposed to do'," says Courtney Reimer, the founder of She Wears Worth. 

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From poverty to professional basketball: How God is using Wayman Britt to inspire others

A long way from the North Carolina tobacco farm where he grew up, college basketball standout Wayman Britt captained the University of Michigan Wolverines to the NCAA title game in 1976.

It had always been his dream to play the game he loved, and the Wolverines fit the bill. After realizing one dream, Britt set his sights on another. And another.

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Update: iced tea stand raises over $13,000 for little boy with cancer

Updated August 9, at 3:35 p.m.

Brooke Peters and Dakota Reimer have met Cain Burgess and his family. They presented them with a cheque of $13,500 from the proceeds of Brooke and Koda's Iced Tea stand fundraiser that was held on July 20-21 in Steinbach.

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Two miners trapped in Dominican Republic rescued with help from Canada

Defence Minister Anita Anand says two miners who were trapped in an underground mine for 10 days in the Dominican Republic have been rescued with the help of Canada. 

In a tweet on Tuesday, Anand said the Royal Canadian Air Force transported mining equipment to Santo Domingo following a request for assistance from the Dominican government. 

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Christians overcome technological fears to share Jesus around the world

It’s just before 1 p.m. on the East Coast as Jerri Harrington hits the play button on a video about Jesus.

Roughly 7,500 miles away, it’s almost 8 p.m. in the capital of Kenya as six African girls watch the film, part of the “Story of Redemption” series.

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'Will you worship the King of Kings?' Actor shares Gospel story with 3 million followers

A Hollywood actor recently shared a powerful story of Jesus at the pool of Siloam and invited his 3 million followers on social media to see Jesus with new eyes.

Nathaniel Buzolic posted a photo of himself standing on some ancient stairs recently on Instagram. Those stairs, Buzolic explains, are the steps that led ancient Jews to the ritual cleansing pool known as Siloam. It was at that location that Jesus instructed a blind man to go and wash and be healed.

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Asperger’s and unstoppable: How Matthew Kenslow is using God's gift to succeed

Matthew Kenslow juggles more than balls and clubs at his motivational speaking engagements. He juggles the challenges — and stigma — that accompany his Asperger’s Syndrome.

"I describe Asperger's syndrome as having, or being like an enhancer plugged into the brain. It just enhances our perception and life and a lot of things. It's easy for us to be shy, and concentration is hard," Kenslow explains. "There are also positives like a good memory."  

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WATCH: Opposition player comforts pitcher who hit him in head

A moment of true sportsmanship is going viral after a baseball player came to the mound and hugged the pitcher who beaned him in the head moments earlier.

The incident took place on Tuesday during a Little League regional match-up between Texas East and Tulsa Nationals in Waco, TX. Texas pitcher Kaiden Shelton hit Tulsa's Isaiah Jarvis in the head during the first inning.

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Slam dunk: college basketball team gets baptized in Jordan River

A basketball team from Alabama just came back from a life-changing trip to Israel, where many players followed in Jesus' footsteps, getting baptized in the Jordan. 

The college basketball team from Auburn, Alabama recently came back from a 10-day trip in Israel to play three exhibition games. But they did much more than just play basketball. 

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Matthew West leads 2022 Dove nominations with 7, Jordan St. Cyr with 2

Matthew West, For King & Country, Anne Wilson, and Phil Wickham are some of the most nominated names in this years 2022 Dove Award nominations announced today. 

Matthew West is taking the most nominated spot for the Dove Awards with seven nominations, including one for Songwriter of the Year. West has his name on many songs currently in the CCM world, including a credit on Anne Wilson's 'My Jesus,' Tasha Layton's 'Look What You've Done,' and Casting Crowns' 'Scars in Heaven' which are all nominated. 

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Couple begin new chapter with some Caramel

Tamíris Muzini and Robert Douglas are adjusting to life not only because they got married last week, but they are pet owners of a new dog.

Taking place in Brazil, when the bride arrived at the church, Muzini found the dog waiting at the entrance with her family.

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'Peace Trek' to showcase the new Manitoba Peace Trail

It’s a journey through history – an exercise of body, mind and spirit. 

That’s how Gary Dyck describes the inaugural Peace Trek, which will take walkers, runners and cyclists down the Manitoba Peace Trail while fundraising for both the Mennonite Heritage Village and Eden Foundation. 

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He memorized the New Testament: How memorizing scripture can change your faith life

Aaron House has always had a passion for acting. In 2013 he found a way to combine his love for theatre with his strong faith in God.

He started up a ministry called Piercing Word.  

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Wildfire in UK stops unexpectedly at top of cross

People are taking notice of a recent wildfire that stopped at the beginning of a huge white chalk cross in a field in England. 

In July the United Kingdom was under an unusual heat wave, which was causing some wildfires. 

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Jordan Janzen and band spreading hope up north through... country music?

Typically Jordan Janzen leads the Christian band The Color but this week he's the front man of JJ and the Ringers, singing country music in the Northwest Territories with the Billy Graham Association. 

"We've been working together with the Billy Graham Association (BGA) since 2015," says Janzen. "They try to connect with communities that don't have as many people coming through and therefore not as many opportunities to experience live music and events like this celebration."

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From darkness to light: Finding hope and healing after sexual abuse

Mary DeMuth's life is full of deep wounds. 

When she was five years old, Mary was sexually abused by a pair of neighbourhood bullies. 

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From pipe dream to reality, Jordan St. Cyr reacts to 2 Dove nominations

The 2022 GMA Dove Awards released their list of nominations earlier this week and Canadian artist Jordan St. Cyr is sharing his thoughts on being nominated for two awards. 

"A few years ago it was a pipe dream to think we'd ever be in consideration for something like this," says St. Cyr. "To be here now, to have this kind of honour bestowed upon us, it's disarming, humbling. I say us because while my names on everything, there are a lot of people working behind the scenes that support and lift up this calling I feel that's been put on my life."

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Multiplying joy at Jon Buller concert this Sunday in Winnipeg

Christian worship artist Jon Buller is returning to Winnipeg to share some nostalgic music, as well as play some new tunes for fans off his brand new albums. 

"We had a lot of fun and worshipful moments years ago with Hear the Music Night (HTM)," says Buller. "Although it's not called Hear the Music Night, I think you can expect that vibe, that joy, singing worship to the King."

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