Check out this weeks good news stories including new Christian music, twins alive because of a miracle, and ministries working together in unity. 

New chaplain at UGM finds each day unique and amazing

Pastor Ed Buller has faced ups and downs in the past two months as chaplain, yet he wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Before stepping into this role as chaplain at Union Gospel Mission (UGM), Buller had been pastoring for roughly three decades. For the past 10 years, Buller pastored a church in Winnipeg called Heart of Worship International Church.

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Easter baskets aim at bringing sunshine to kids in tough situations

An international initiative is bringing gifts, toys, and treats to children in shelters and the Ronald McDonald House this Easter.

"We're a group of local Discovery Toys advisors who are looking to get donations to help assemble our Easter baskets that we do each year," says Tia Sunley, an Educational Consultant with Discovery Toys. 

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Casting Crowns gets 'crazy' about Jesus in new single

Mark Hall, frontman of Casting Crowns, recently sat down and shared his thoughts behind one of their new songs 'Crazy People.'

"If you've walked with Jesus for a little while, you've probably discovered, people look at us like we're a little different," says Hall in a YouTube video, sharing the story behind the song.

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LISTEN: NEEDTOBREATHE talks music, authenticity, and being back on tour

After two years of starts and stops as a band, NEEDTOBREATHE is kicking off a North American tour in Winnipeg this April.

Their latest album Into the Mystery was written in the span of three weeks during the pandemic lockdown in 2021. 

"It was an interesting time," says Josh Lovelace, the keys player and backup vocals. "I think the whole world was trying to navigate what to do. We had just put out a record a couple of months before that, Out of Body, and we usually take a couple of years to make a record."

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The Color nominated for second Juno

Manitoba Christian band The Color has been nominated for another Juno Award this year. 

"It's very exciting," says frontman Jordan Janzen. "We put a lot of time and energy into this album in a season where we really couldn't put our time and energy into a lot of other things."

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Pastor and politician talk about moving into post-pandemic life unified

A Winnipeg pastor, as well as a politician, shared the stage this morning to discuss moving forward as a society post-pandemic. 

Each month there is a Pastors and Leaders in Winnipeg Prayer Meeting. For the month of March, the group invited Pastor Mark Hughes of Church of the Rock to join City Councillor and former pastor Scott Gillingham on the stage to have a conversation about moving forward as a church and city after the pandemic. 

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PRAISE: Premature twins have miraculous survival story

Twins from the U.K. born the size of a Mars bar and given no chance of survival have not only lived but are thriving.

Harley and Harry Crane were born on October 26, 2021, at only 22 weeks and five days gestation. 

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'Overwhelming' night of emotion as Hoosli performs Ukrainian anthem at Jets game

Almost 14,000 people cheered along as the Ukrainian national anthem rang out in downtown Winnipeg on Tuesday evening.

The Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus performed not only the Canadian anthem ahead of the Jets matchup against the Montreal Canadiens, but also the anthem of their homeland and ancestors.

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New podcast brings Scripture to life and transports listeners to the Holy Land

After studying in Israel and Egypt in 2007 and discovering that God is better than she ever knew, Kristi McLelland has been teaching the Bible through a Middle Eastern lens.

"The Lord just wrecked my brain, to be totally honest. I've never recovered," McLelland explains. "I tell people all the time I went to Israel and learned that the living God is better than I ever knew, and I thought he was awesome before I went."

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Anne Wilson releases music video for 'Sunday Sermons'

Young Christian artist Anne Wilson is releasing a music video for her first single of 2022 reminding people that faith in action matters. 

"My song 'Sunday Sermons' is the story about growing up in church where deep roots began to take hold," says Wilson in a YouTube video, sharing the story behind the new single. 

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14-year-old creates online community for visually impaired kids

A young girl from Niverville, Man. is creating a place where kids and teenagers with vision impairments can connect with one other. 

Taliah Braun was born with a condition called pediatric congenital microphthalmia, which means her one eye is much smaller than the other. The left eye, which is blind, has a prosthetic eye covering it. 

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Worship leader opens up about journey with bipolar disorder

Scott box had been a successful worship leader for 25 years, externally proclaiming the love of God. However, internally his world was in chaos, consumed by mental illness.

Box was raised as a hero and groomed to be a worshiper, but his mental health continued to get in the way. 

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Josh Wilson releases vulnerable single about battling anxiety and depression

Many people can relate to Josh Wilson's new single about facing fear and anxiety over the past two years.

"My new single is out today! It’s called 'Things That I’m Afraid Of,' and it’s all about mental health and my struggle with anxiety and depression," says Wilson on Facebook the day of the release. 

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Jordan St. Cyr drops new album today

It was when Jordan St. Cyr served with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) as a teen that he found the inspiration to pursue music as a career.

He eventually released an EP, and in the years that have followed, he has received numerous and life-changing opportunities to work alongside so many talented songwriters, producers, and artists, all of who have encouraged him along his journey.

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Four ministries under one roof create 'absolute beautiful mosaic of the gospel'

Multiple ministries have come together in a 'Kingdom Collaboration' to serve people in downtown Winnipeg.

The four ministries serving out of the building on Furby Street are The Wave Church, Encounter Life Ministries, Adult & Teen Challenge's (ATC) Freedom Church, and Agape Table. 

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