This week we heard about people sharing the gospel on mountain tops to theoretical valleys low. 

Bear Grylls hopes churches can be places of doubt and faith

Adventurer and T.V. host Bear Grylls is a firm believer that the church is a place for honesty and caring for hurting people.

"[The church] is a place to have doubts and questions," says Grylls in a recent interview with the Christian Post. "Look at the early Church. It was a roomful of people eating and drinking and doubting and struggling and arguing."

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'Historic' all-female Christian artist tour features Natalie Grant and Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Four powerhouse female vocalists are hitting the road to do a worship tour, including Natalie Grant, Naomi Raine, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and TAYA.

"Soooo excited to lead worship, alongside my sisters," says Natalie Grant on social media. "This tour is historic. It’s time!"

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How God can use you – one at a time – to change the world

No one wants to spend their lives being time-wasters, space-takers, binge-watchers, or game-players. We all want to be difference-makers. But where do you start?

In One at a Time, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman uniquely reveals how Jesus valued people and shows us Jesus' way of changing the world--by loving people one at a time.

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Winnipeg Ice welcoming hockey teams for free as they honour hockey pioneer

The Winnipeg Ice and Hockey Winnipeg are teaming up to score big for youth hockey teams in the region.

The Ice are hosting the Dianne Woods Memorial Weekend inside the ICE Cave when the Ice take on the Moose Jaw Warriors on January 21 (8 p.m.) and January 22 (5 p.m.).  

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Dad honours son's legacy with videogame consoles for sick kids

Before Joey Halldorsson lost his son in a battle against muscular dystrophy, he saw how video games allowed his son to connect with friends while sitting in a hospital bed. Now he wants to give that to other children. 

"He was a very kind boy," says Halldorsson of his son, Korbin. "He thought of others more than himself some days and I learned a lot from him that way. He loved animals, other people and he was just a good kid."

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Eden Health Care CEO shares several strategies to improve mental health

Winter can often feel like the cold will never end, and it can be hard to find energy in this season. 

As we move forward from the holiday season, the sadness often starts settling in, and we start feeling the impact of the short days and cold weather. 

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Winnipeg Ice shutdown the Raiders in 8-1 trouncing

The Winnipeg Ice had a dominant victory in Saskatchewan on Wednesday evening, keeping their opponents to just one goal and under 20 shots on net.

The Ice skated to an 8-1 victory over the Prince Albert Raiders thanks to Zach Benson and Connor McClennon each getting a goal and three assists.

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Drugs, suicide attempts and jail time: How God helped restore Sharon Dutra's life

Most childhood memories involve special family moments, playful times and plenty of laughter. For Sharon Dutra, it was a very different story.

Sharon was born in Los Angles. Her mother left when she was just five years old, and her father was an alcoholic who was married four times by the time Sharon was 17.

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Unwrapping rap with Manness family, spreading the gospel through music

Kevin Manness, A.K.A Messanjah, and his family are hoping to help break the stigma of rap music, showing it can be used to praise God also. 

"We released a new album in April," says Manness. "The thing that was really exciting about this project is that all the other projects I've done before have just been Messanjah. This new project is Messanjah and family."

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Canadian artist Quincy Telus releases new single

After recently moving to Winnipeg, Canadian Christian artist Quincy Telus has released a new soulful single.

"I've moved around a lot because of school and my dad's work," says Telus. "I've lived in Edmonton, Regina, Moosemin, Ottawa, Sudbury, a few places in B.C. and a couple of small towns in Saskatchewan."

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'Their hugs held together the broken pieces of me that I haven't been able to heal yet'

For Brianna Seewald of southern Manitoba, the best Christmas gift she could receive and give her family was 'standing hugs' after being paralyzed from a collision. 

On August 17, 2020, an accident occurred at Highway 12 and Provincial Road 210 intersection. For Brianna Seewald, it was just another drive home from a local hospital where she worked until she got into a car accident. Her life changed in the blink of an eye and she was left severely injured and unable to walk. 

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Micah Tyler shares how to take small steps to a big God in his first book, Walking Free

Renowned Christian music artist and songwriter Micah Tyler can now add author to his accolades.

In partnership with K-LOVE Books, Tyler has announced the release of his first book, Walking Free: Taking Small Steps To A Big God. 

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Katy Nichole announces debut full-length album

After having an amazing career debut in 2022, Katy Nichole is making sure 2023 continues the pattern of success with a powerful full-length album.

This morning, Katy Nichole took to social media to let her fans know that her debut album will be released on all platforms on February 24.

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