This week we saw the name of God on display in small corners of people's home to proclaimed all over the media regardless of consequences. 

Timothy Keller shares 'good' that has come from cancer including stronger prayer life

New York Pastor and best-selling author Timothy Keller has found that knowing he is mortal has transformed his prayer life along with other aspects of his life. 

In May 2020 Keller was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Since that time he has had two years of chemotherapy and is currently participating in the immunotherapy drug trial for National Institute for Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Audaciously alive: How God saved Roxanne Harris from a debilitating and rare autoimmune disease

Just two weeks after the birth of her fourth child, Roxanne Harris was diagnosed with a rare and devastating autoimmune disease.  

"I couldn't move anything in my body. The pain was so astronomical," said Roxanne. "I wasn't prepared for what it all entailed when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I kept thinking that, honestly, they would say the big C word."

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'I finally feel like I fit': Former pop star living for God

A former Pussycat Doll is opening up about the dark side of fame in Hollywood and what it cost her to follow God. 

"During an interview in 2017, I was asked what it's like being a Conservative," says Kaya Jones on a video interview with PragerU. "I just remember saying, 'I pray to Jesus' and the heat that ran through my body because I understood that this was going to be seen. I got phone calls that day from the industry saying 'I hope you know you can't walk that back.'"

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Building God's kingdom one pie at a time

Pie, it's a delicious treat, but for one woman in Texas, it's an opportunity to build a business and an even better way to build God's kingdom.

Tara Royer Steele's parents were entrepreneurs. In the '80s, her father had lost his job and was offered an opportunity to move to a small town of just 77 to run a cafe. 

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Damar Hamlin headed home from hospital, vows to give back

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has recovered to the point that he can leave the hospital after going into cardiac arrest twice, one week ago. 

After making a clean tackle in a game between the Bills and Cinncinati Bengals, Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the football field on national television. Paramedics and medics rushed onto the scene administering CPR and a defibrillator. Thousands of people started praying for Hamlin and a day later a sports announcer prayed on live TV

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Snow sculpture competition bringing families and neighbours together

The Glenelm neighbourhood in Winnipeg is hosting its 6th annual snow sculpting competition as a way of connecting with one another in the winter months. 

"It started six years ago now," says Michel Durand-Wood, the co-chair of Glenelm Neighborhood Association. "It was around the time our third child was born. She was born in April and we have a neighborhood where we run into each other constantly. My wife was pregnant over winter and we came home with our youngest and one of our neighbourhoods across the street said, 'What? I didn't even know you were pregnant.'"

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'That's Enough' stopped Brandon Heath from giving up on music career

Brandon Heath's eighth album, That's Enough would not have come to fruition were not for a song that he had just written at the time, here's the story about how it happened.

Heath was ready to call it quits in 2019 when he was about to wrap up his music career. The last thing he had to do was an event with KLJY 99.1 FM in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

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'We will perservere,' Winnipeg community fridge and heater stolen

In an effort to fight food insecurity, passionate Winnipeggers set up a community fridge, but are now asking for assist after their utilities were stolen.

The Community Fridge, located at 689 Maryland St., is a pilot project to make the needs and wants of the community free and accessible. The idea is that the project becomes self-sustaining, meaning it is put in the hands of the community to make sure there are items in the fridge and the pantry and keep it clean and organized.

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M.I.A: ‘In my time of need, Jesus turned up to save me’

Renowned hip-hop and electronic artist M.I.A. continues to open up about her conversion to faith in Jesus.

Raised by an atheist father and a Christian mother (who came to faith in the UK), M.I.A, whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, was not interested in Christianity for most of her life, she told Relevant.

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New film shows true story of young boy, a lost dad, and generosity

Inspired by a remarkable true story, 5000 BLANKETS is a new film spreading hope to families across Canada and the United States. 

Twenty years ago, Cyndi and her son, Phillip Pruitt, age six, were introduced to a world that broke their hearts when Phillip’s dad’s life was changed by mental illness. A search for him on the streets of Ft. Worth, Texas, opened their eyes to the hardship faced by the homeless population in their city.

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After complications, Christian rapper Hulvey welcomes first baby

Christopher Hulvey, professionally known as Hulvey, and his wife welcomed a baby boy to the world after a tough delivery.

January 5 Hulvey and his wife Rachael welcomed a son, Memphis.

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'Life is broken and beautiful': Blessing Offor releases debut album after sister dies

Blessing Offor shares a range of emotions starting the new year as he is releasing his debut full-length album called My Tribe today, just days after his sister passed away in Nigeria.

"I miss my sister," says the legally blind singer. "I miss my family. It’s hard right now. It’s been too long. Yet I’m so grateful for all of you, for everything happening in my life. Funny how oftentimes the mind has to hold 2 contradictory feelings at once… Life is tragedy and comedy, broken and beautiful.

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From Zimbabwe to Winkler: new Christian artist brings Afrobeat to Manitoba

The goal of Chiwaz's new music is to bring praise, honour, and glory to the Lord as he collaborates with other artists pursuing deeper relationships with God. 

Shepherd Chiwandire, known musically as Chiwaz, is originally from Zimbabwe and lived there before moving to Winkler, Manitoba. 

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