This week we heard many stories of powerful transformation, little miracles, and people helping people. 

Refugee helping other refugees find freedom in Canada, peace through Jesus

A former refugee living in Winnipeg understands the trauma and endless waiting so many endure in refugee camps, sometimes up to 20 years, which is why he has the heart to help others. 

"I was a refugee myself," says Omar Rahimi. "My family is Kurdish and I was a refugee in Iraq for about 20 years. I came here and now I'm trying to save more people from our camp."

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A ministry survival guide: The joys and challenges of life in the spotlight of ministry

It has been 40 years since Lisa Elliott entered the world of ministry. During that time, she experienced plenty.

Lisa recently released a new book, A Ministry Survival Guide: Straight from the Heart, that explores the challenges of life in the spotlight of ministry. 

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Denzel Washington, Lecrae honour black Christian leaders at Museum of the Bible

Hollywood actor Denzel Washington honoured his pastor of 40 years at a recent 'Blessing of the Elders' ceremony at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. 

Pastor A.R. Bernard of the Christian Cultural Center in New York City attended the event on June 23, 2022. Washington and his wife Pauletta honoured Bernard for his contribution to the nation and Americans' spiritual health, among others being honoured at the event. 

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Jean-Pierre Petit leaves legacy of love

Jean-Pierre Petit's family is planning an annual bike ride to continue on his inspiring legacy after his unexpected death. 

"As much as this tragedy hurts the family, we got to honour him, his legacy, and who he was," says Marquis Petit of his late father. "We need to move forward as dad would want us to."

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From felon to phenomenon: How an ex-con is helping bring restoration to fellow inmates

As a child, Michael Molthan experienced many hardships and trials from his father’s abandonment to his grandfather’s abuse.

“At a very young age, my grandfather started abusing me. It was the first time I kept a secret,” said Molthan. “I was being told by my parents that I was just like my grandfather – my mannerisms, the way I talked and even my handwriting. They told me I was going to grow up to be just like him. That was confusing to me."

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Local music teacher gives tribute to Ukraine through song and dance

Local singer and music teacher Heidi Korte recently released a music video to honour Ukrainian culture while also hoping to bring light to their current dark situation. 

"Most people know I teach young singer/songwriters over Zoom and in-person in Winnipeg," says Korte. "When the war in Ukraine started I challenged my students to pick a song about world peace because we can use our voices to bless. Even in the Bible, musicians went first. I think there are situations where music can heal."

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Pastor, NFL Chaplain says to comfortable Christians: Stop waiting for the right moment – Get up and go!

NFL chaplain and pastor Jonathan Evans remembers living life on “cruise control,” comfortable where he was, following in the footsteps of his well-known and respected father (Dr. Tony Evans), until one day he realized he didn’t know his own role or purpose in life.

Jonathan didn’t wait to figure it out; he took action and pursued what God had in store for him.

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Newest Buddy Bench becomes Winnipeg Police Association's 332 funded initiative

Winnipeg Police Association (WPA) has spent around $116,000 over nine years to fund kindness initiatives at schools in Winnipeg.

On June 29, Chancellor School was the newest school to welcome a new Buddy Bench to promote kindness and friendship as part of the WPA's Cool 2B Kind Campaign.

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South African Satanist co-founder leaves group after radical love and encounter with Jesus

After experiencing the overwhelming love of God through people and a vision of Jesus, a former Satanist in South Africa is sharing his story of transformation. 

Riaan Swiegelaar, a former reverend at the South African Satanic Church (SASC), left his position in May. On July 4 he went on a Facebook Live to share why. 

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Backpack and shoe collection benefiting Winnipeg families in need

A school supply collection is already underway to help kids in need get ready for the new school year. 

"We are collecting some essentials for back to school like backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles, and shoes," says Chelsea Hewitt, the Supervisor of Programs and Services with Family Dynamics Inc. in Winnipeg. 

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From Lebanon to Saskatchewan: The cost of choosing Jesus

Sammy Khalife grew up in Lebanon and was raised as a Muslim. When he was 14 years old, he moved to the United States.

"I was always nosy. I always wanted to know more," said Khalife. "In high school, I got a scholarship to learn English in Texas. "

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'God sustains us': Family's faith keeps them going as 3-year-old girl continues health battle

Most days are a challenge for Hallie Thiessen, but her family remains strong and is taking it one step and prayer at a time.

Cari-Lynn Thiessen is the mother of two girls, including Hallie, a three-year-old girl who has been in the hospital more times in the last few years than most people see in their lifetimes. Hallie suffers from Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease (EGID), which essentially means her stomach and intestines react to food as if she's allergic to it.

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Healing from unresolved trauma

Unresolved trauma can take a serious toll on a child, but sometimes families just don’t know what to say or where to turn for help. 

Hidden: Her Truth Her Pain, from Shun Jamerson Tomlin, is a thought-provoking story about a young girl who was victimized by a close family friend and the profound impact of her family’s decision to keep quiet. 

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