This week we shared lots of good news, including a Manitoba pastor's TikTok that went viral, babies being born, new Christian music, and a Winnipeg pastor reflecting on his 25 years of service.

5 escape blaze that kept firefighters busy for hours

A duplex in the North End is a total loss after a large fire on Sunday evening.

The City of Winnipeg says the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service was called to the 300 block of Parr Street around 9:40 p.m.

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‘The Skit Guys’ launch new season of podcast and prepare for release of their first family friendly film

Tommy Woodard and Eddie James have been best friends since high school. They fell in love with acting in their school's theatre productions and had a knack for making people laugh. When Tommy invited Eddie to church, everything changed. 

"Our youth pastor told us to do skits for the youth group. Even back then and up to today, it's us opening our Bible and our crazy brains going, that's how I would visualize that like, that's how I would see that happening," said Tommy Woodard.

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LISTEN: Amanda Cook releasing new music with album on the way

Award-winning singer/songwriter Amanda Cook is releasing a new single, the first under this name since 2019. 

Amanda Cook, also known as Amanda Falk, Amanda Lindsey Cook, and Falcon (2020), is releasing her new single 'While We Wait.' She grew up in Manitoba, Canada, but she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 

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Hollyn welcomes baby girl after infertility issues

"We got to meet our little dove yesterday," says Hollyn on social media, a day after giving birth. 

Hollyn and her husband Dillon welcomed a daughter, Jonas Lovey Wilson on March 16, 2022. 

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Remembering Dr. Raymond Mason and his legacy

The Mason family and many others are mourning the loss of Dr. Raymond Mason after he passed away on Sunday. 

Kyle Mason is the son of the late Dr. Raymond Mason, a voice and advocate for survivors of residential schools not only in Manitoba, but across Canada. Raymond had been battling cystic fibrosis for a few years. 

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Wordle now has a Mennonite cousin dubbed Nah Yo-dle

Have you ever wanted to play the popular game Wordle, but in Low-German?

Well, you are in luck! Jared Falk, originally from, Altona is the mind behind a new game affectionately dubbed Nah Yo-dle.

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Your story is not done: Amplifying hope with powerful stories of redemption

Kat and Jorge Vazquez have released a new campaign that will bring hope in a time when it's needed most.

Through their new campaign, Your Story is Not Done, Kat and Jorge are using powerful stories of redemption, healing and second chances to amplify hope. 

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Manitoban's book giving hope to kids in Ukraine

"You can't always know what God is going to do when you're working on a book so you just leave it in God's care and see where it goes," says a Manitoba author, unaware his children's book would be used during a time of crisis and war in Ukraine.

Paul Boge from Winnipeg is the author of the book, The Biggest Family in the World. It's is about Charles Mulli's life and how he grew up an abandoned orphan in Kenya, attained a mass amount of money, and then gave it all back to help, love, and raise orphans in Kenya. The illustrations were done by Winnipeg's own Faye Hall. 

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Jordan St. Cyr hits No. 1 on 2 Billboard charts ahead of TobyMac, Crowder

Jordan St. Cyr continues a recent wave of success now finding his name on the top of two Billboard charts ahead of the likes of Crowder, FOR KING & COUNTRY, and Jordan Feliz.

Jordan St. Cyr began the year being named the No. 2 Top New Christian Artist of 2021, according to Billboard magazine, which also listed his song "Fires" in four of the top year-end Christian songs charts. "Fires" spent an astounding 45 weeks at radio and became a top 5 hit, while top charter "Weary Traveler" continues to gain more and more attention.

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Bruce Martin reflecting on 25 years at Calvary Temple after retirement announcement

A beloved Winnipeg pastor says, "We've seen it all and it's been a wonderful privilege to see God move."

On Wednesday Martin publicly announced that he will be retiring from his pastoring position at Calvary Temple by August 31, 2022. 

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'Reconciliation was possible:' Indigenous priest reconciles faith with identity

Cristino Bouvette’s mind often goes to his grandmother when he thinks about reconciliation: her strength, her empathy and her ability to forgive. He is a Roman Catholic priest and his kokum, Amelia Mae Bouvette, was a residential school survivor. 

"She was a woman of deep faith,” Bouvette says from Calgary.

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WATCH: Manitoba pastor's TikTok video about cold weather shocks U.S.A reporters

While bitterly cold temperatures don't shock Manitobans, a news station down south was astounded at just how cold it gets in Winnipeg.  

Jeremy Wat is the Creative Arts Pastor at Oasis Church in Winnipeg, and he has been for 10 years. As a lot of his work is done with video, he decided to have some fun with his kids during the extreme cold weather that lasted into March here in Winnipeg.

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Encouragement, hope, and practical help for Christian foster parents

There are great rewards that come along with being a foster parent, yet there are also great challenges that make them feel depleted, alone, and discouraged.

The many burdens of a foster parent's day- struggling children, difficult biological parents, and a broken system- are only compounded by the many burdens of a foster parent's heart -confusion, anxiety, heartache, anger, and fear.

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'Iconic symbol for the community': Hug rug at airport returns

With stiff winds, snow, and freezing rain, the 'hug rug' at Winnipeg airport felt even warmer.

The Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport brought out the blue circular 'hug rug' from storage at 11:00 a.m. on Friday. Within minutes it was put to use as people embraced their loved ones coming in from a flight.

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Rebecca St. James releases new album, first in over a decade

The year 2011 was the last time Rebecca St. James released an album, which makes this new album release a momentous occasion for the Christian singer and her fans. 

St. James album Kingdom Come has 12 songs on it, including one in collaboration with her brothers of For King & Country. 

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