From Manitobans bringing home medals and women being celebrated in ministry and beyond, this week is full of good news stories. 

Team Toba bringing home 19 medals from Canada Winter Games

After two weeks of intense competition against the best this nation has to offer, Team Manitoba finished off the 2023 Canada Winter Games with 19 medals: six gold, six silver, and seven bronze.

With major successes in long track speed skating and archery, it was figure skating that came out on top, with a gold medal in pairs, and a score that became a new Canadian record. 

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Team from Grant Memorial visits Guatemala, witness women and children escape violence

A group from Grant Memorial Church in Winnipeg recently came back from Guatemala ready to share stories of hope that they witnessed firsthand through the work of International Justice Mission (IJM). 

"It was a great opportunity," says Ken 'Chopper' Wilson, one of the team members that recently went to Guatemala. "Grant Memorial Baptist Church put together a group of seven adults and we went down to Guatemala to visit our longtime partner International Justice Mission and see the work they do firsthand. It was great to see how God brought the right people along."

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Michael W. Smith performs for thousands in Vietnam for Spring Love Festival

Franklin Graham alongside Michael W. Smith are pouring out the love of Christ in Vietnam this week during the Spring Love Festival. 

"It was a great night in Ho Chi Minh City!" says Graham on Facebook. "We had beautiful weather and an overflow crowd at the Phu Tho Sports Facility for the Spring Love Festival. We give God all the glory that thousands responded to the invitation to turn from their sins and put their faith and trust in His Son, Jesus Christ."

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'Doggie Dates' helping community and shelter in Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg Animal Services has started a new program where people can have a 'Doggie Date' with no commitment. 

"We're experiencing a very high level of dogs coming into our facility," says Leland Gordon, General Manager with the City of Winnipeg in the Animal Services department. "This is happening all across Canada, especially after the pandemic where some people are trying to get rid of their dogs."

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North Korean workers abroad are hearing gospel

The Voice of the Martyrs Korea is sharing the gospel with North Korean workers who are stuck abroad and currently unable to return home.

Pre-Covid, North Korea would allow a select few of its citizens to travel outside the country for work.

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'You can't force your kids to be grateful': 8 secrets to raising successful and faith-filled children

Want children who are patient, kind, humble, thankful, and respectful? Who have a good work ethic, strong character, and a healthy self-image? 

Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally known psychologist, Christian author and speaker, recently released a new book, 8 Secrets to Raising Successful Kids: Nurturing Character, Respect, and a Winning Attitude, to help parents raise successful, faith-filled and respectful children.

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Local farming cooperative helps feed community, making sustainable changes

What started as a group of farming enthusiasts gathering to operate a small garden, has now turned into an educational journey on how to work with the land instead of against it.

In 2010, a few people came to an agreement with Canadian Mennonite University to use a plot of land on the campus as a garden, they called themselves the CMU Farmers and officially broke ground in 2011. In 2015 they became the Metanoia Farmers Worker Co-operative Ltd. 

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Bethlehem Bible College celebrates women in Arabic society

Today is International Women’s Day, and Bethlehem Bible College has been featuring women among their staff and students over the last few weeks with a campaign called “Celebrating the Lives of Ordinary Women.”

The reality is Palestinian women in Arabic culture are not often celebrated. In fact, women tend to be treated as second-class citizens.

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'God never overlooked women': Celebrating women of every age at every stage

Sharing the gospel while championing women comes naturally to LoriAnn Tulk and Arlene Klassen, in two different types of ministry. 

March 8 is International Women's Day. While celebrating women comes once a year for some, it's more of an everyday occurrence for others. 

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Shining a light on the women in the Bible

Women in the Bible are often forgotten about. Marina Hofman hopes to change that by putting them front and centre in her book, Women in the Bible: Small Group Bible Study.

In 2014, Marina and her husband were involved in a fatal head-on collision north of Toronto.   

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Dress and suit drive ensures Indigenous students don't miss graduation

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata is collecting graduation dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories so that Indigenous youth can feel included by joining their classmates to end their high school careers.

Last summer, Kathy Hebert, the training and development coordinator at Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, came up with the idea to collect graduation outfits so Indigenous students have the chance to join in on the special occasion. 

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Province provides funding to support human trafficking awareness campaign

A national awareness campaign drawing awareness to the issues surrounding human trafficking is receiving a significant financial boost from the Manitoba government.

The province announced on Wednesday that it will provide $100,000 to the Joy Smith Foundation to help expand its public education efforts. 

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'I feel like the Lord is so in it': Patrick Mayberry set to release full-length album this fall

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Patrick Mayberry never truly understood the power of worship music until he experienced it firsthand at a Passion conference. For many, Passion is a multi-day spiritual wake-up call to the things of God. For Mayberry, Passion was a transformational awakening to the intersection of faith and music.

"I grew up in a small conservative church that I didn't like very much at all," said Mayberry. "Instruments were not allowed. They were technically illegal, so it made me not like it even more because I loved instruments. I loved guitars, pianos and drums. And so I was super not interested in faith at all."

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