There is a lot of good news this week, with bringing awareness to mental health, to babies being born, and people celebrating their moms to name just a few.

Brandon Lake's new single bringing awareness to mental health

Christian artist Brandon Lake is releasing his most vulnerable single to date titled 'HELP!'

In the USA, May is Mental Health Awareness month. Lake purposefully released this new single at this time to draw more awareness to the effects of mental health. 

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Supporting mental health in the church while building resilient leaders

The first week of May is mental health awareness week in Canada.

According to Laura Howe, approximately 43.8 million people per year experience some kind of mental health concern.  However, 49% of pastors say they rarely (if ever) speak to their congregation about mental health.

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MBCI performing Ukrainian folktales drama, helping crisis in Ukraine

The grade 10 students at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (MBCI) are getting ready to put on three folktales, performing for the first time in the school's renovated Jubilee Place.

The three mini-tales are 'The Blabbermouth,' 'The Puff Monster' and 'The Wolf,' each from a different village in Ukraine. The students in the drama will be dressed in traditional costumes from these various regions.

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Singing about sunshine, battling depression: Mandisa's journey out of the dark

Mandisa is well known for her positive, upbeat and encouraging music, but beneath it, was a woman struggling to deal with her everyday life.

After losing a close friend to cancer, a friend for whom she wrote her award-winning song, "Overcomer", Mandisa descended into a dark pit of depression, isolating herself from family and friends.

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Quincy Telus releases new song 'Where Were You'

Up and coming Canadian Christian artist Quincy Telus has just released a brand-new song called 'Where Were You.'

As a son of an RCMP officer, he moved frequently across Canada. Although he never questioned his faith, he knew God was always there.  

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Chandler Moore and wife welcome baby girl

One of the lead singers of Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore can add the title of 'father' to his list. 

Moore and his wife Hannah welcomed a baby girl on April 13, 2022. The couple got married in June 2021. 

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Pro-life ministry takes approach of kindness in conversation

"We have a lot of compassion for women who have had abortions that are struggling and it's one of our main motivators," says an Executive Director of a pro-life ministry. 

Life Culture Canada out of Steinbach, Man. hopes to educate and impact families and individuals.

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Project that helps women get safe, affordable housing receives $130,000 donation from MCC

A donation from MCC is a starting point for women in present or past crisis to find hope and affordable housing for themselves and in some cases their children also. 

"The Jubilee Fund is a registered non-profit established in 2000 by a range of community partners," says Darryl Loewen, the Executive Director of MCC Manitoba. "Some are faith-based, but not all were required to be so. MCC Manitoba was a founding member, I'm happy to say."

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'Weary Traveler': song and devotional

Jordan St. Cyr is releasing a three-day devotional meant to revitalize and encourage its readers.

On Wednesday, May 4, the musician announced on social media that he made an online devotion book for those who feel like they are being weighed down.

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The integral role that faith plays in helping children tame their anxiety

Today's children and teenagers are anxious about many things, including family issues, financial instability and pressure to perform in sports and school.

According to the CDC, children between the ages of 3-17 years old are experiencing increased anxiety, and in addition, more than 1 in 3 have behaviour problems and about 1 in 3 of those also have depression. 

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20 year-old Christian artist continues to make history

Anne Wilson's My Jesus album is hitting the top spots in Christian music after only being released roughly two weeks ago.

Along with making history within Capitol CMG, the album has also been a huge success in ranking highly on the Billboards charts. Reaching the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Christian and Gospel Albums, being in the Top 10 Billboard Album Sales chart, and placing top 8 within the following categories:  Internet Albums, Digital Albums, Current Digital Albums, Current Albums Sales, Top Albums, and Album Sales.

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Mother's Day: Relating to moms of the Bible

For Marina Hofman, being a mother was something she had dreamed of. However, in 2014, Marina and her husband were in a head-on collision that left both of them with life-altering injuries.

"Although we survived, I had a lot of issues after my surgeries were complete," said Hoffman. "I was depressed all the time and anxious constantly. I had PTSD and a brain injury, in addition to several body injuries."

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