This week as we say hello to a new month we also see many good news stories sure to lift anyones darkened countenance.

Manitobans wrack up 45 nominations for GMA Covenant Awards

Manitoban artists continue to impact Christian music and are leading the charge into next month's GMA Covenant Awards with 45 nominations.

A total of 13 artists are nominated across a variety of categories, from rap to instrumental and everywhere in between. The GMA Covenant Awards are Canada's highest honour in Christian music.

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Resilient kids: Raising them to embrace life with confidence

Parents want their children to grow up with the ability to face life, especially disappointments and risks, with confidence, and bravery. Children who learn resiliency are less likely to give up, avoid risks and become overwhelmed with anxiety and depression.

Kathy Koch, PhD., is a child development specialist and author of six books including RESILIENT KIDS: RAISING THEM TO EMBRACE LIFE WITH CONFIDENCE. She defines resiliency as “recovering readily from disappointment, failure, defeat, adversity, and trauma.”

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University basketball coach explains winning is when players accept Christ

For Basketball Coach Scott Drew, creating a culture where Jesus is the focus is more important that just winning games. 

"All that matters is when I get to those gates, God's not going to say, 'What was your record? How many players did you help get to the pros? How many championships did you win?'", says Coach Drew for the Baylor Bears in a recent video interview. "So at the end of the day, I am making sure [the players] are winning the game of life."

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Finding freedom from rejection, fear and pain

For 20 years, Amy Hayward spent her time in ministry, serving artists, musicians and pastors behind the scenes. 

As an event manager, Amy planned tours and conferences while walking through a process of healing behind the scenes with the Lord.

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Embracing love over hate: How Chris Singleton is using tragedy to unite

June 17, 2015, is a day that Chris Singleton will never forget. A day that changed his life forever.

Chris Singleton is a former minor league baseball player drafted by the Chicago Cubs. 

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Photographer living with Autism giving back to kids in need

A Winnipeg photographer found success in offering Christmas photos for families while giving back last year, so he's offering it again. 

"Photography is something I've been interested in for about 15 years now," says photographer Alexei Mohsen. "In the last four or five years, I decided to start doing it professionally."

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UGM video showcases all God is doing in Winnipeg's core

While it takes a whole lot of people to run Union Gospel Mission, their latest video proves nothing is done without the work of the Lord. 

"We had our first fundraising banquet in three years," says Ed Buller, the daytime chaplain at Union Gospel Mission (UGM). "It was awesome. I don't have enough superlative words to describe what God did at the banquet. People came, people sat down and people were treated to the Lord's spirit, speaking through residents of our program, sharing their testimonies of God, and giving them victory over their addictions. That probably had to be the highlight."

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Hopeless man in prison contemplates suicide, now living fully for God

A convicted murderer thought the only way out of prison was to commit suicide until he heard God speak to him and now he's sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen.

Raynard Dugger from Washington, D.C. is sharing his testimony with Delafé Testimonies on YouTube of encountering God while he was in jail for murder. 

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Local artist with ties to Maverick City Music releasing first single

Winkler Worship artist Jenny Franz is releasing her first single in hopes of encouraging listeners walking through tough seasons of life. 

Franz has been singing for as long as she can remember. She is now releasing her first single, with the help of Jordan Janzen from The Color, called 'Peace.'

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Christian metal/rock supergroup forms

The members of five major Christian rock/metal bands are joining to form one super band, releasing new music together. 

Five members are joining together to create one superband called World Gone Cold.

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Parenting your wayward adult kids with joy

There comes a time when every child steps into adulthood and begins making their own choices, which can be challenging for parents after many years of having control.

"Once they turn 18, they become adults. At that point, you have to separate yourself from them," Mary DeMuth explains. "I think that is one of the hardest things to do."

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