From great community events helping people in the community, to award-winning lego designs, to band programs beginning again, and new music hitting the airwaves, this week has a multitude of good news stories.

Laughs guaranteed at Southern Manitoba family event

Safe Families Manitoba is giving the community a great excuse to get outside and have some fun with their Dino Dash this Saturday.

Marlene Loeppky is a volunteer for Safe Families, and she is also on the leadership council for Steinbach.

"Safe Families is a National Christian organization that surrounds families in crisis with caring and compassionate community. We work and connect with churches and really surround a family with compassionate care," says Loeppky. 

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Broken and Beautiful: One woman’s remarkable story of God’s healing power

Christine Soule’s life was a jumbled pile of broken pieces. Her father was married seven times; her mother four times.

Between her parents’ divorce when she was 5 years old and the day she allowed the power and presence of God into her heart, she watched her sister have an affair with her adoptive father; met 15 siblings she never knew at her biological father’s funeral; turned to drugs and alcohol; got pregnant at 17; had twins less than two years later; and became a victim of human trafficking.

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WATCH: Moriah (Peters) Smallbone releases new music after 7 years

Sporting a simplified name, MŌRIAH is sharing a fresh and vulnerable new single for fans. 

"I've moved into this new season of music slowly. Carefully. Because art cannot be forced, pushed or bullied. It's a be both received and given," says MŌRIAH on Facebook. 

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Film about C.S. Lewis' life and reluctance to faith hitting screens this fall

While C.S. Lewis wrote profound allegories, his fascinating life story will be coming to life on the big screen. 

The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis is set to hit theatres in the U.S.A on November 3. The film is directed by double-Emmy and double-BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker Norman Stone and stars Max McLean, Nicholas Ralph, and Eddie Ray Martin.

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Southern Manitoba college campuses share optimistic start to the school year

Two Christian post-secondary colleges are excited about the return to in-class learning and the registration numbers are proving it.

Steinbach Bible College (SBC) and Providence University College and Theological Seminary are both showing good registration numbers for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

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Child Care International: Helping end child labour, exploitation through sponsorship

A Canadian Christian ministry is bringing real change on earth and in eternity with its sponsorships of children in developing countries.  

Child Care International (CCI) is based out of Surrey, B.C. and cares for children in 10 different countries around the world. 

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Locals producing fresh goods for Harvest Manitoba

More than 23,000 pounds of fresh produce has been donated to local food banks since spring, but that total is only going to grow.

In 1985, Harvest Manitoba, formally known as Winnipeg Harvest, began a program called Grow-A-Row. More than 35 years later, it continues to see success.

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People gearing up to show mental health support

Mental health is taking a front seat as a group of cyclists move towards a stronger relationship with God.

"There are so many components to mental health because we're so integrated as human beings. It's not just one thing. But physical activity and getting outside are huge in terms of improving our mental health," says Terry Warburton, Clinical director of Recovery of Hope Winnipeg. 

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A sunny and hot first day of autumn

Manitobans will continue to enjoy summer weather even as the seasons change this afternoon.

Shannon Moodie of Environment Canada says "it will be a really nice day right across southern Manitoba. We'll see lots of sunshine, though we could get some wind gusts in the afternoon."

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Classrooms across Canada to embrace Truth and Reconciliation Week programs

Manitoba is showing its support for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation's Canadian youth programs during Truth and Reconciliation Week.

Manitoba's Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations Minister Alan Lagimodiere and Education Minster Cliff Cullen are announcing Wednesday that they giving the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) $75,000 to help them deliver programming next week for Canadian youth in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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Top-10 finish for local Lego builder in international contest

A Winnipeg teenager is being recognized for his design and building skills after he spent half his summer break tediously working with Lego.

Javon Havelka, 15, says he has loved building with Lego ever since his mom bought some used bricks online when he was four years old. That love is starting to earn him some recognition, including an impressive finish in a large competition.

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Love me anyway: How God's love fills our deepest longing

Imagine losing your marriage and the life you once knew, but in the end, making a discovery that changes you forever.

Jared C. Wilson, who is a well-known author and podcaster, as well as assistant professor of pastoral ministry at Spurgeon College, author in residence at Midwestern Seminary, and director of the pastoral training center at Liberty Baptist Church, writes about this in his new book, Love Me Anyway: How God's Perfect Love Fills our Deepest Longing.

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Church rallying after youth bus crash sends 30 people to the hospital

A Pennsylvania megachurch is seeing its community come through for families affected by a serious crash this week.

Freshman and sophomore girls were travelling back home Sunday after a Lives Changed By Christ (LCBC) Church's fall retreat when they got into a serious bus crash. All but one of the 31 people on the bus were sent to the hospital, with four of those people injured being airlifted out. The church says hours later, most were released from the hospital and 10 of the crash victims needed further care, including three in critical condition.

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Caring for the whole vulnerable person: spirit, soul, and body

Siloam Mission's approach to helping people experiencing homelessness is to care for every part of their life. 

"We help people holistically which means we address the entirety of people who are experiencing homelessness. It's a complicated issue and based on my experience, we are addressing the spirit, the soul, and the body," says Pastor Andy Capesinio, the Spiritual Care Supervisor at Siloam Mission. 

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Let’s Go Band! Band Teachers and Students Rejoice in the Resumption of Band in Manitoba

The school year has officially started and both Band Directors and their students are breathing a sigh of relief, as in person band is back in schools as mandated by the Province. It is certainly an exciting time for all those involved in Band Programs throughout the province.

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Love your story: Let God define your story to be the champion you were meant to be

When Linda Olson was a teenager she experienced a tragedy that rocked her life. 

It took a total of 45 years for Olson to get to a place where she didn't feel guilt or grief daily.

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Looted ancient Gilgamesh Dream tablet returning to Iraq

One of the oldest known religious texts is going back home after an epic tale of its own.

More than three decades ago, the Gilgamesh Dream tablet was stolen from an Iraq museum. It was first discovered in 1853 at the ruins of Assyrian King Assur Banipal's library in Nineveh. On Thursday, it will be returning to Iraq after a ceremony with officials.

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Michael Tait and sister join in harmony for Christmas tour

Newsboys Michael Tait and his sister Lynda Randle will be serenading crowds at Christmas once again.

Both Tait and Randle are known separately in the Christian music world, but they'll be combining their voices for the ‘Together For Christmas’ Tour.

"[Nothing better] than singing with family," says Tait on Facebook, announcing the upcoming Christmas tour. 

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African film festival hits play in Winnipeg

The curtain is opening once again for a film festival aimed at connecting people from the Prairies with African culture.

Five years ago Ben Akoh wanted a way to connect people in the prairie provinces with the growing African community.

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Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, others getting funding for Truth and Reconciliation programs

Nine organizations across Manitoba are receiving additional funding to help them offer Indigenous programming in the week of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Manitoba's Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations Minister Alan Lagimodiere says $200,000 will be divided between nine organizations as they offer healing programming next week.

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Denzel Washington shares his need for God and prayer

Although Denzel Washington is well-known for playing redemptive characters in films, he is sharing his personal need to lean on God every day. 

"Stay on your knees. Watch me, but listen to God," Washington says at a Christian men's conference. "I hope that the words in my mouth and the meditation of my heart are pleasing in God's sight, but I'm human."

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How a simple Christ-centred radio program has grown into something much larger

What started as a simple Christ-centred radio program has grown into something much larger. 

Square One World Media is a Christian media organization that started more than 70 years ago in 1947 by a small group of Bible College students who dreamt of using radio to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their English-speaking Winnipeg neighbours. 

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Near freezing temperatures, Siloam Sleepout a success

It was a chilly night for the Siloam Sleepout participants, offering a good reminder of what Winnipeg's vulnerable population contends with on a daily basis. 

"We were really happy with the event yesterday. Of course, we were hoping to be able to do it in person this year, but we had to make the move to virtual," Luke Thiessen, the Communications Manager at Siloam Mission. "We had a good turnout and everyone seemed really engaged."

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