Winnipeg is expecting 10-20 mm of rain over the next couple of days, which will be the first significant rainfall we've gotten in over six months. 

Wednesday marked the first measurable rainfall in Winnipeg since April 12, 2018. The last time we had precipitation above 2 mm was back on March 28, 2018.

To find the last time Winnipeg had precipitation higher than 10 mm, you have to go to last year, where 12.2 mm of precipitation fell on October 26, 2017. That day was a mix of rain and snow and ended when the Winnipeg Police Service shut down all bridges in the city due to incredibly dangerous conditions.

And the last time Winnipeg has had a pure rainfall over 10 mm, the temperature was still hitting the mid-20°C range. On September 24, 2017, Winnipeg had 18.2 mm of rainfall.

Winnipeg has yet to exceed 20 mm of precipitation in a single month since January 2018, which means we could come close to doubling our total precipitation for 2018 by Friday night.