COVID-19 is forcing a Canadian Mennonite University student and her fiance to reevaluate their wedding plans as the pandemic is disrupting their studies.

On May 9, Hein is set to wed her fiance Tyson Scott. They met at church in Carmen, Man. and began dating three years ago.

After getting engaged in February of 2019, the pair had plans to wed in an "open ceremony" at the same church. Instead of the expected 150 people in attendance, Hein says that their wedding might only have twenty guests.

A state of emergency declared by the province restricts gatherings over 50 people, and dwindling marriage licence locations are requiring the couple to quickly make alternative plans.

"We have to be socially responsible, but we do want to get married really badly," Hein says. "(We are) just trying to figure out what the best move is and what the right thing to do is."

The couple is altering their wedding plans and finding a marriage license as both of their studies move out of the classroom and going online.

Hein says that some people she knows that do not have the same faith background as her have been encouraging her to postpone the wedding but for Hein, being married is more important than the party. Hein says she is glad to have help during this time.

If their original plans do not work out, the couple has a couple of options that will allow them to get married with a small group of people present.

Hein says that because of COVID-19, she is staying with a family from her church so she can have access to the internet as her classes move online and she works on wedding plans.

"My fiance is really stepping up now," Hein says. "Things are really getting crazy and we need to work together."

Hein says that because of her fiance's willingness to help get the wedding together, Hein says she knows they will "have a great marriage together." Hein says they know they will have to work through things but because of COVID-19's effects on their wedding, they were able to test how they would work together when life is "for better or for worse."