Former football legend Tim Tebow's latest project is helping Down syndrome families in Guatemala.

Since 2010 the Tim Tebow Foundation has been blessing vulnerable people in multiple ways, always focused on one target audience. Unlike the football term, Tebow's definition of MVP is Most Vulnerable Person, to stand up for the ones who often don't have a voice. 

"In December, we shared our heart with you to build a new Tebow Down campus in Guatemala City, a flagship campus to help us meet the opportunity to serve more families," says Tebow on Instagram this week. "You said yes, and now we get to break ground!"


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The previous space provided help for families but the need grew rapidly as 55 people became 137 that needed the extra support. The new facility will be able to support 250 people with Down syndrome and their families. 

"The campus will also include additional classrooms for music, speech, and physical therapies to take place. There will also be a space to host workshops and art lessons. Additionally, we will have more space to teach essential life skills and offer vocational opportunities as students continue to grow, learn, and thrive in their communities."

On top of helping people who are often forgotten with resources and essentials, Tebow's heart in the ministry is to share the gospel with the MVPs, helping them know their inherent value as children of God. 

"Our hope and prayer is that one day we will live in a world where instead of families hearing, 'I’m so sorry,' when they introduce their child to their community, they are embraced, celebrated, and equipped with the love, support, and resources they need. As we come together to build this life-giving campus in Guatemala City, will you join us in praying for the many families who will be walking through our doors?"