Filmmaker, Bisong Taiwo's latest film Time Sleeper explores time travel and focus on the complexity of forgiveness.

Taiwo, a Christian filmmaker wants to expand christian movie making and explore Christian themes in making genre films. He takes inspiration from the

way parables are told in the bible as stories that go deeper and are relevant.

 "Time Sleeper is about a woman who discovers how to time travel through the use of a drug and decides to go back one year into the past to save her son," says Taiwo.

"The main theme of this film is forgiveness," as the main character has a lot of difficulties forgiving herself for the loss of her son.

"I want to start making more mature films with more mature Christian themes that are not as straight forward and direct as the Christian films already existing. . . like the parables that Jesus taught."

"This is a new kind of Christian film," says Taiwo, "usually Christian films are targeted at family audiences but what I want to try to see if I can bring in other genres of films and tell Christian stories through them.

"Especially in the Bible not all stories are pretty or have happy endings or are clear cut and so I want to try and tell those parables through film."

Taiwo has been a Christian his whole life and explored themes within the church especially the Catholic church in Time Sleeper.

The filmmaker said he wants to continue to experiment with this new way of telling Christian stories.

"This is kind of the beginning but I really want to move more in that direction, show very good entertaining genre Christian films that have a very strong Christian foundation."

Taiwo has been making short films for about five years and Time Sleeper actually started out as one of those short films. Taiwo took this past year to focus on making that short film into his first full-length film.

This was a large undertaking for Taiwo as he says, "Time travel as anybody knows is full of paradoxes and twists and turns so that was a challenge."

Amidst trying to figure out how to navigate intricate Christians themes and time travel Taiwo also had to juggle the writing, production, filming, editing, and distribution of the film.

Taiwo said mapping out the polt was the hardest part but once he had everything planned out he wrote the whole script in a month on top of having a 9-5 job.

The film takes place all over Winnipeg at various location including, St Ignatius, The Pancake House and multiple places downtown.

This official release of this movie will likely be this summer and we will keep you posted as to when and where that will be happening so you can support the local filmmaker in his goals to expand christian movie making.