TobyMac's first album after the death of his oldest son Truett, Life After Death, is supported by many of the singer's friends. 

"I've always dreamed of doing a collaborative record – a record of collaborations," says TobyMac to Christian Headlines. "And I thought this would be a better time than any because I feel like maybe I needed a little help from my friends to make it through it."

Truett McKeehan passed away from an accidental overdose in 2019 while his dad was on tour. 

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"After what I've experienced and losing my firstborn, I just think people came alongside me and helped me – helped me maybe sing some of the things that were hard for me to sing, and maybe made me a little stronger. So I'm grateful."

Of the album's 15 songs, 11 of them include a collaboration with another singer. He worked with Blessing Offor, Zach Williams, Grammy-award winner Sheryl Crow, Tauren Wells, Cory Asbury, and his old bandmates from DC Talk. 

TobyMac did a special collaboration with his only daughter Marlee called 'Everything About You' singing about how much they both miss Truett.

TobyMac will be heading on tour at the beginning of the new year on the Hits Deep Tour with Tasha Layton and Crowder.