Health officials say facemasks in Manitoba may become more common as they contemplate intensifying mask recommendations. 

Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba's Chief Provincial Public Health Officer says the official recommendation to wear masks will likely intensify this fall.

"What I would foresee is when respiratory virus season comes, it's very likely that we'll be recommending that Manitobans wear masks in public indoor places," says Roussin.

The Chief Provincial Public Health Officer says there is no specific date in mind for when mask-wearing in public recommendations will intensify or what they could entail, but he notes it could come at the beginning of the flu season.

Roussin says public health officials expect many respiratory illnesses to be reported in Manitoba this year, as they are reported every year.

The doctor has previously recommended for people to wear homemade masks in public and to refrain from leaving the home when feeling ill. Roussin also notes that if in a place that is not social distancing, to leave if feeling uncomfortable, preventing the potential risk for exposure.

To date, the province has not regulated masks in public. In Winnipeg, Mayor Brian Bowman is asking those riding transit to wear masks if possible but says it is not enforced.