October saw a mixture of loss and friendship as a well-loved Winnipeg pastor from Calvary Temple was mourned, a dog took matters into her own paws by walking herself to doggy daycare, and Matthew McConaughey opened up about his Christian faith.

Pastor H. H. Barber dies at 98

Beloved pastor H. H. Barber died early Saturday morning at the age of 98, according to his family.

Barber was the Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Winnipeg from 1953-1997.

Over the course of that time, he became well-known through the broadcasts of his sermons, both on radio and television, including on many Golden West radio stations.

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Tributes pour in for beloved former Calvary Temple pastor

Pastor H. H. Barber. (Calvary Temple Winnipeg/Facebook)Pastor H. H. Barber. (Calvary Temple Winnipeg/Facebook)

A flood of online tributes made to honour the life of H. H. Barber have been flowing in since his death on October 24

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Matthew McConaughey opens up about his Christian faith

In a recent podcast interview, well-known actor Matthew McConaughey shares openly about his Christian faith.

When it comes to his daily life, McConaughy speaks openly about certain parts of the Bible that he doesn't quite understand, including Jesus' miracles that He performed.  

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Christian & Missionary Alliance, RZIM both open investigations of Ravi Zacharias

Both the denomination which held the late Ravi Zacharias' ministry credentials and the ministry organization he founded have opened investigations after more allegations of sexual misconduct by the apologist were recently brought forward.

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Dog unexpectedly walks itself to daycare


A doggy spa and daycare got a surprise when one of their furry friends showed up this past Saturday morning with no owner in sight.

It was early in the morning when Jem jumped her own fence and then wandered over to the facility around 6:30 am. Before COVID-19 hit, Jem came to daycare a few times a week but since the pandemic, her parents bring her roughly once a week.

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Chuck Swindoll mourns the loss of sister Luci

Luci Swindoll, author, and speaker with Women of Faith passed away from COVID-19 recently, leaving her younger brother and well-known pastor, Chuck to mourn.

After spending 30 years working at an oil company, Luci switched to working in ministry. She was one of the lead speakers with Women of Faith, a group that toured around the USA doing speaking conferences for women for 19 years.

She was also a proud single woman her whole life and has written multiple books on the subject, including I Married Adventure

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Worship pastor writes a song of victory after wife battles cancer during pregnancy

While facing their hardest battles, a couple says God gave them surreal peace, which birthed their song 'The Victory'. 

As Jed Bayeswas writing and creating the song in 2018, his wife Emily offered her opinion on a direction for the song, something she had never done. 

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Movie shoot brings early Christmas to Carman

filming will predominantly take place downtown. (Supplied)Filming was predominantly taking place in downtown Carmen. (Supplied)

An annual holiday favourite is hitting close to home for fans of Hallmark Christmas movies in southern Manitoba.

One of the channel's 2020 premieres, called Project Christmas Wish, is being filmed in Carman during the first week of November.

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