As Afghans continue to flee a return to rule of the Taliban a mission organization is translating the Gospel of John.

"World Missionary Press (WMP) has translated the Gospel of John into Dari, the most widely spoken language in Afghanistan," Mission Network News (MNN) reports

Helen Williams from WMP tells MNN that there is a high demand for copies already. “We have already two major outreaches, one asking for 25,000. They are sending them overseas. They have communities in Europe particularly, and in parts of the Middle East, where the Afghans will be resettled, or at least coming through.”

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The plan is for local churches to distribute the copies to refugees arriving in the United States, Europe, and other countries.

Williams says that it was only in the last 20 years that they started to translate into the Dari language.

“We didn’t even have anything in the Dari language until after 9/11. When all of a sudden we had opportunities, we were able to get the material printed.”

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Williams says, “The believers in Europe are sensing all of these people that are coming to them and reaching out. And being able to have literature in any language that they come across through World Missionary Press is just an enormous blessing, They get it free, and we send it to them where they are.”