A flood of online tributes made to honour the life of H. H. Barber have been flowing in since his death early Saturday morning.

Barber, a beloved leader, served as Calvary Temple's senior pastor from 1953 to 1997.

His sermons were broadcast to television and radio, including on many Golden West radio stations, making the pastor a well-known speaker in Winnipeg's faith community.

Barber was 98 when he died on Oct. 24.

Joane Hoehne, lead pastor of The Source Church, called Barber a "true spiritual legend" in a post following his death.

"He was my pastor for the first half of my life and made a profound impact on my family, Canada, and even globally," writes Hoehne.

"There aren't a lot like him. His steady, unwavering faithfulness to the Gospel and to reaching people was core to his ministry. He spent his entire life, even until recently, preaching Jesus. Praying for the family today. Today, this legend has received his reward."

Gerry Michalski, lead pastor at Soul Sanctuary, said Barber also had an influence in his life and on his family.

"(He) gave me, a wild young adult, a chance of doing ministry. I was able to intern under his authority and eventually was able to work as the assistant youth pastor and when I was in Victoria he called me to come back to be on his staff again!!!," recalls Michalski.

Today a man that I admire went to his eternal reward that he preached so faithfully about. HH Barber has been a person...

Posted by Gerry Michalski on Saturday, October 24, 2020

"I still quote him to this day and have fond memories of his commitment and dedication to the Lord that he served. He was one of a kind, an innovator before his time, and a faithful pastor to his community."

Michalski added that Barber has gone to receive the award he "preached so faithfully about."

Associate pastor for Parkwood Gospel Church, Gary H. Beesley, also posted a tribute about the Winnipeg pastor.

"My dear friend and mentor Pastor H. H. Barber has gone to be with our Lord Jesus," he says.

"One of my life's greatest joys was to walk with this giant for several years. He was an irreplaceable national and worldwide influence for God ... simply among the best of the best!" Beesley says.

"Very sorry to read this morning of the death of H. H. Barber," says theologian and author Tim Perry.

"Very few Sunday sermons passed in Shawville Standard Church without an "H. H. Barber says ..." when I was a boy. So when I first preached in front of him at Grace Bible Church, Winnipeg, I was -- as you might imagine --  a tad nervous.

"May he be welcomed by angels into the company of the saints," Perry concludes.

Many CHVN listeners also spoke about the influence of Barber in their lives.

"We listened to him without fail every Sunday!," Judi Lasher writes in a Facebook comment.

"He went on to his heavenly reward, a life well lived," says Becky Waldner Petik. "Used to look forward to listening to him on radio. He is celebrating in heaven."

Kara Loewen-Plett remembers hearing Barber preach.

"He was an amazing pastor, I loved being a part of that church family and hearing him preach the good news," Loewen Plett says. "Condolences to the family."

Kristy O'Toole also fondly remembers attending church as Barber spoke.

"I remember sitting in the pews at Calvary Temple when I was little and hearing his voice as he preached. Being little it was hard to sit through one of his services," O'Toole recalls.

"I’ll always remember watching him as he stood over the pulpit with his hand in the air pointing to the roof. I always liked to sit next to my grandma because neither of us could touch our feet to the floor," she says with a chuckle.

Carman M. Dunlop heard Barber's teachings after first giving her life to Christ.

"I attended Calvary Temple when I first became a Christian 32 years ago and I am still grateful to have sat under his solid teaching. Rest well, dear servant of the Lord," she writes in memorium.

Barber's family says a small graveside service for the family will take place in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions.

A video tribute for broadcast will be released at a later date.