A church in Supply, North Carolina, is praising God after nobody was seriously injured when an airborne car crashed into a church building and tore through the sanctuary, shortly before people were set to arrive for a prayer meeting.

The incident occurred on February 23, about 30 minutes before a weeknight prayer meeting was set to begin at Mt Pisgah Baptist Church.

In a post that evening on its social media, the church writes that "an accident occurred that sent a vehicle through our sanctuary doors all the way to the pulpit, leaving destruction in its path."

Pictures posted to the church's Facebook show pews tossed and splintered, as well as serious damage at the entrance of the sanctuary.

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"Fortunately and above all else, the driver was not seriously injured, and no one was in the church at the moment," the church says.

"It is truly a miracle no one was killed or injured. Please pray for Mt Pisgah Baptist Church as we regroup and move forward."

A view from the sanctuary entrance shows a path of destruction to the front of the building. walls and doors are broken at the rear and the car, a compact suv, sits at the front of the sanctuary.

CBN reports that nobody was in the building at the time of the crash. The church's pastor, Rev. Jessie Mooney Jr., told local TV news station WECT-TV, "I was running a little bit late getting here or I would've been here. If it would have been 20 or 30 minutes later that would've been several people on that side of the church that was torn up so bad. Some of our older people usually get here early, so it happened that no one was here."

"God is good," Mooney says. "He spared people."

The church is holding services in its multipurpose building until it's able to carry out repairs on the sanctuary.

"The Lord watched after us, he's good to us. I told people last night as heartbroken as we are about the damage to the facility, we can thank the Lord that no one was hurt," says Mooney. "Romans 8:28 is very real: 'All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.'"