Two Winnipeg brothers are hoping to redeem the time young adults already spend on their phones and social media with their new project, Redeem 180.

Isaac and Caleb Mogilevsky are brothers who live together. Caleb is 19-years-old and works part-time for Youth for Christ in Winnipeg as the videographer. Isaac is 21-years-old and already runs an online ministry called Daily Disciple. 

"Redeem 180, the idea basically the idea came about via us seeing a statistic that said the average 18-24 year-old spends 180 minutes on social media per day," says Isaac.

Rather than just ask young adults to get off social media, the brothers are hoping to encourage them to use those 180 minutes for the kingdom of God. 

"The problem is social media can often be seen as a place of spiritual decay rather than revival. We want to change that," says Isaac. "Our mission is to help the everyday Christian use their social media platform for Jesus, using whatever influence that God has given them to make an impact on people's lives."

Redeem 180 is in the beginning stages and the Mogilevsky's have started a Kickstarter campaign for this project. 

"Redeem 180 will be a hub of resources, videos, training, and encouragement all equipping people to redeem the 180 minutes they spend on social media. The first of these resources is our new short film, Already an Influencer."

Isaac and Caleb believe that you don't have to have a following of thousands of people on social media to have a positive impact in other's lives. 

The Mogilevsky's come from a big family with eight children in total. 

When asked what it's like working with a brother, Caleb says, "It's pretty great. There are some difficulties here or there, but it's awesome that we both live in the same place and we can have meetings whenever. We've been close ever since we were young."

They were homeschooled by their mother, alongside the rest of their siblings, and grew up in Winnipeg.

"Being able to have long conversations about whatever and also be able to work in the same ministry together is pretty much a dream come true," says Caleb.

The Mogilevsky brothers have received positive feedback and support, not only from their family, but many others they have recently shared their Redeem 180 idea with. 

"It's really exciting to see where God's going to take this," says Isaac.

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