A spokesperson from Manitoba Justice says two individual tickets have been handed out after a demonstration on the weekend and is anticipating more to come.

On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered at The Forks, demonstrating against Manitoba's Public Health Orders, however, not all attendees were Manitobans. 

"We can confirm that two $1296 tickets were issued for failure to self-isolate and gathering in a group larger than permitted," a spokesperson for Manitoba Justice says.

The province says justice officials were at the scene, as they always are with large public gatherings that are not following the health orders, along with Winnipeg Police Service officers.

WPS was "present to provide support and ensure a safe and secure environment."

The event caused the closure of the historic landmark.

While most attendees did not walk away with a ticket, some may be seeing one in the near future.

"Enforcement officials were focussed on surveillance and interventions. Tickets were issued, information was gathered and further tickets are pending based on video and other information collected on-site."

Investigations are ongoing.