A composer based out of the University of Manitoba is about to debut his first opera.

Tristan Zaba's second annual Zabathon runs April 2nd at the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, and it will include an opera based on a Philip K Dick story.

Zaba says last year's Zabathon went quite well and he thinks this year is going to go better.

"One thing that I've done for this year is I've opted for longer pieces or pieces with either sort of large amounts of people or just pretty much solo performances. So it's kind of people can either work on them on their own or for the longer pieces, it's a large amount of people that I can work on the pieces with at the same time, so scheduling has been much easier."

Zaba says his primary focus is having people have a good time and enjoy the show.

"I think that's something that's sometimes a little bit forgotten with sort of new music programs. But I mean I don't feel I need to make it overly sort of accessible, but at the same time I'm all about communication in my pieces."

The concert, which includes other performances as well as the opera, is programmed and composed by Zaba. It will feature more than 20 young Winnipeg musicians. It is free to attend.