As the homeless community in Winnipeg works with the additional stresses of the pandemic, a Christian ministry is thankful for prayers as they experience an outbreak.

Union Gospel Mission is the latest organization working with the homeless population to report an outbreak.

"After nearly eight blessed months of no COVID-19 cases among our many recovering addicts and street guests, we suddenly find ourselves dealing with a few positive results," they say in an email statement to CHVN.

They say all who have been impacted, including missionaries, are isolating. 

"We can report at the time of writing that our positive test folk (off-site), appear not to be seriously impacted and that those identified as part of a ‘cluster,’ are also doing okay. Thanks be to God."

UGM says that prayers are important to them.

"We are trusting that the Lord’s blessing will continue, especially with the ongoing love and prayers of our supporters."

During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Mayor Brian Bowman heard about the outbreak for the first time.

"Obviously it is very concerning. We have seen what happened at some of our personal care homes, and some of the issues that I know have been canvasing publically for many weeks about the need for greater planning in advance."

He says the city has been flagging the need for planning in shelter systems across the city.

"There is a lot of complex and multi-faceted services that are required and so we continue to press that to make sure that the province is doing that planning to the greatest extend possible."

He says the City plays a collaborated role, but their resources are limited. He says they will continue to advocate for those who need advocating on their behalf. 

Last week, End Homelessness Winnipeg announced a plan to aid the homeless population facing both the winter and the pandemic by working with local organizations to expand outreach. 

"Outreach and safe spaces are vital components of the work to prevent and end homelessness in Winnipeg," End Homelessness Winnipeg CEO Lucille Bruce says in a statement. "These projects will save lives by helping to protect those without a home from the compounded risks of cold illness and COVID-19 this winter." 

Other Christian ministries, such as Siloam Mission, have previously reported outbreaks. Last month, Siloam Mission reported that they had a total of three cases in its facility. At the time, they were asking for prayers of blessings and for health care professionals.