While it takes a whole lot of people to run Union Gospel Mission, their latest video proves nothing is done without the work of the Lord. 

"We had our first fundraising banquet in three years," says Ed Buller, the daytime chaplain at Union Gospel Mission (UGM). "It was awesome. I don't have enough superlative words to describe what God did at the banquet. People came, people sat down and people were treated to the Lord's spirit, speaking through residents of our program, sharing their testimonies of God, and giving them victory over their addictions. That probably had to be the highlight."

The UGM banquet was held on October 15 with a noon event as well as a second dinner event. 

"Victory over addictions over poverty over homelessness was front and center and a whole lot of support, both prayer, and other support was raised so that we can keep doing what God has called us to do here at 320 Princess and at our other six campuses."

A song was written for the event titled 'It's All About Him.'

"Our Development Director wrote a very powerful song. Every year we write a song for our banquet or we put a video together to talk about what God is doing. Our other chaplain's wife set the poetry that he wrote to music and I was approached and asked if I would sing. And I'll be honest, at first, I thought oh, another work thing I have to do."

Buller is the brother of Canadian Christian artist Jon Buller. He shares that while both brothers enjoy singing, Jon made his way into music full-time while Ed focused on becoming a pastor. 

"The Holy Spirit literally inhabited the song, and I fell in love with what the Spirit was doing during the song. In the lyrics of the song and the night I got to record it at Square One World Media, we laid the song down in an hour."

The song encompasses the heart behind everything being done at UGM, whether they're teaching so people can get their GED, feeding those that need a meal, or helping people escape addictions, it's all about the gospel. 

"We don't heal people, we don't bring homes to people," says Buller. "Jesus is the converter in chief. He's the home builder in chief. He's the feeder in chief of spiritual and physical food."

Buller's main job is simply having relationships with people in need of UGM's services, whether it's having conversations or answering questions about faith. Singing for this song was a special moment for the pastor. 

"Is an otherworldly experience. Your listeners know what it's like when we worship it. It's almost an out-of-body experience because we're worshipping God. We're not singing along with the latest artist in the Top 40, right? But I got to sing a song about Him, all about Him."

People interested in supporting UGM financially who give before November 7 will have their donation doubled.