Kevin Manness, A.K.A Messanjah, and his family are hoping to help break the stigma of rap music, showing it can be used to praise God also. 

"We released a new album in April," says Manness. "The thing that was really exciting about this project is that all the other projects I've done before have just been Messanjah. This new project is Messanjah and family."

Manness has five children with his wife and one on the way. 

"God did something amazing. My two-year-old son is on the album. He was in the womb at the time so his heartbeat is actually on the album. My daughter who's 12 sings on the album, my son who's 15 raps on the album with me, and my wife sings as well."

A few years back when Manness and his wife were at the ultrasound, he recorded the heartbeat and it was the foundation for his single 'The Heartbeat' on the new album, Still Standing Here

"We've been going to reach the communities. When God shifted our ministry from a single solo artist to a family, we started seeing more families get engaged. We really wanted to reach people that wouldn't normally go to church on a Sunday."

Messanjah alongside his family is hosting an event called Unwrap the R.A.P in Winkler tonight at the P. W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

"Everywhere we go we see pushback with the rap. Sometimes there are misconceptions with it because there is really offensive music and a culture of violence behind it. We want to unwrap the rap because everywhere we go people are encouraged because we've got the Bible message in it."

People of all ages are welcome to the worship evening. 

"It's a free event, for the whole family. We also have Nathan Keys, a local worship artist, and Nixon, an Afro-gospel artist is going to be there too. He's from Winkler. Come on out and enjoy it!"