Hillsong's Chelsea Taylor continues to recover after a brain aneurysm resulted in emergency surgery Sunday.

The worship leader was rushed to hospital in the middle of a worship service at Hillsong's flagship “Hills” campus in Sydney, Australia on August 18.

Initially, it was reported that Taylor underwent a nine-hour surgery to deal with a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Faithwire reports that Taylor's friends and family are calling her survival and recovery a miracle.

“The doctors are really pleased with her and one said this morning, ‘her quick recovery is a credit to modern medicine, as she would never have survived this a few years ago,'” read an update on Taylor posted to social media by Hillsong Creative Pastor Cass Langton, joking that they would have to invite Taylor's medical team to church.

Langton called Taylor "literally a miracle in motion." noting in the update posted to her Instagram Story that people all over the world are praying for Taylor's recovery

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“Please pray for Chelsea, one of our beloved Sydney team. This is her leading worship at church on Sunday - she was rushed to hospital shortly afterwards, has since come through a major surgery and needs our prayer. This girl is very dear to our hearts.” — @brookeligertwood ・・・#Repost @casslangton HILLSONG CREATIVE — This is our @chelsealeetaylor at 8am yesterday— she’s a worshipper, a lover of Jesus and one of the purest hearts ever — and tonight she could do with your prayers. She has just come through a 9 hour brain surgery and we are believing for no more bleeds complete healing and miracles in Jesus name — we are not out of the woods by any means — tonight she is in ICU but we believe in Jesus, his resurrection power and for hope to appear (@zellataylor and all your family we are on your team ). #iloveus #ourpeople #praylikeshesyourstoo

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Taylor's significant progress, while astounding, does not mean she can be considered healed and well.

“The battle is real and Chelsea has a little bit of a temperature and one side of her face is very swollen,” the update reads, adding that Taylor's facial swelling could be attributed to hitting her face on the ground after passing out, resulting in a broken jaw.

“Prayer works!," Langton shared, keeping the update light while mentioning that Taylor's temperature had slightly dropped after prayer for it to do so.

 She says that heaven has "unleased a miracle," shown through Taylor's resilience and so-far positive recovery.