A mother is praising God after her baby went from needing intensive care to preparing to come home following a flood of prayers.

Gina Owens says the scariest day of her life was watching her daughter be airlifted out of their community.

She says her daughter, Sierra was born prematurely after a health scare. While Gina was getting an ultrasound, doctors discovered both mother and baby were facing severe complications, requiring an emergency c-section.

"They told me that all her intestines in the stomach were all over the place," Gina says.

Since her birth, Sierra has been in and out of the hospital. This is especially difficult for the family as they live in Poplar Hill, a remote community in Ontario far from hospitals. The community is only accessible by air or winter roads. Gina says the distance has added an extra layer of stress on the family.

sierra owensSierra is significantly underweight, weighing only 12 lbs, despite the family and doctors' best efforts. (Supplied)

"Every time she has a bowel obstruction she has to go through surgery. She has that four times already."

Recently Sierra suddenly got very sick, requiring immediate hospital care. 

"It was so scary while she was here because they told me that she was getting very tired. She was working very hard breathing on her own," Gina says. "It was the scariest day of my life.

Gina had to watch her baby leave with a breathing tube as she was medevacked to Winnipeg.

Currently, her husband is in Winnipeg with Sierra as Gina, who was not feeling well when Sierra was transported, waits at the family home for news.

"The doctor calls me for updates on her," Gina says. "It has been very hard on the both of us."

Gina says Sierra is facing the possibility of needing to be transferred to Toronto to receive four more surgeries. The mother says at 11 months old, her daughter has already been through so much, noting Sierra has only been home for a few weeks at a time at most.

"It is very hard, especially being so far away from her."

The family is asking for prayers for Sierra as doctors work to treat her severe digestive issues.

"We just stay strong for her. We just have faith in God to heal her and to take care of her."

Gina says it is difficult for them to go through this experience and is hopeful Sierra will be healed.



On Tuesday night, Gina received a promising phone call from her husband. Sierra is recovering quickly. Facetiming him, Gina was able to be with her family virtually as Sierra's digestive system began working, allowing the baby to relieve herself on her own.

Soon after Sierra's breathing tube was removed allowing her to breathe on her own, something she could not due earlier in the day.

"I’m very amazed how God is working with her esp from hearing all the prayers. It means she will not need surgery, thank God," Gina writes.

Sierra is still in the hospital but is no longer in the Pediatric intensive care unit. She can now eat on her own. Gina says she is gaining weight, an impressive feat for the infant.

 "I’m am very thankful, thanking everyone for all the prayers especially God for watching over her and pulled her through. It was just a couple of days ago she was very sick and it amazes me how quickly she’s getting better."

Gina says Sierra will be coming home soon, and that she is "praying for her for a full recovery."