Two families from Oklahoma are sharing the Gospel with people on the streets of Winnipeg after 10 years of planning.

Ash and Heidi Khalil's family, and Theron and Morgan Perez's family took a leap of faith after hearing a call from God.

"We sold our home in order to make a lot of this move, financially, for both of our families," Ash Khalil says.

The families gave up most of their possessions and drove their car in what they say was God's direction and went "straight north."

dified by the support they found from several organizations here in Winnipeg.

"We did not know where we were going to live," Ash Khalil says. "We just trusted the Lord to guide us through the journey."

Ministering to youth and teens was a draw for Ash, allowing him to work with and speak to young people. Once the pandemic hit, the group was unable to continue their work and searched out other places that God could be calling them.

"We received a call from the Lord with different messages, dreams and revelations that he showed us, and He specifically says 'go straight north.'"

The families remembered meeting Martin Chidwick and Frank Ulrich from Union Gospel Mission at a breakfast and then meeting Chidwick again during the Coldest Night of the Year.

Deciding to aid UGM, they were quickly put to work serving food, sharing the Gospel on the streets of Winnipeg, as well as in various other areas.

"They have been doing a bang-up job," Chidwick says. "That in itself is a witness and a testimony to their love."

While the work may look different, the families say that their mission remains firm.

"The main thing now is connecting with people that need our help," they say.

The pandemic is making it difficult for the families to make money, as most of their opportunities to generate income have disappeared, but they are hopeful that others will partner with them in their journey.

"Wherever God wants us to serve as missionaries, we've been volunteering our services and are continuing to do so... we are here to help."

The groups plan to continue their work in Winnipeg for as long as they're financially able to, as they are in Canada as religious workers.