It has been a challenging year for the city's less fortunate. Not only has Winnipeg experienced one of the coldest winters in 64 years, we have also seen the largest accumulation of snow in 17 years.

Ron Eldridge, a man who knows all to well what it's like to be homeless after living on the streets for several years himelf, has spent the past couple of months reaching out to those in need.

Eldridge is now reaching out to the rest of Winnipeg to help him with his next endeavor.

Ron hopes to collect around 200 backpacks filled with important hygiene items, that he will in return hand out to the Winnipeg's homeless community.

He says he is also looking for help in collecting the items to go inside the bags...

Eldridge hopes to hand out the backpacks at the end of March.

Those interested in helping out can call Ron at 204-880-5182.