The Province is putting an immediate stop to new COVID-19 vaccine appointments following a 90 per cent drop in expected doses.

Public Health officials say over the next two weeks, the province is expecting 90 per cent fewer doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. 

Manitoba is set to get two trays of vaccine (2,340 doses) instead of five (5,850 doses) in the first week of February. They current have not been given any vaccine projections for the following week.

"The known reductions over the next two weeks (Jan. 25 to Feb. 7) represent a 90 per cent decrease from what was projected last week. So far, this means Manitoba will be receiving 32,760 fewer doses than had been expected," the province says in a statement.

The Winnipeg and Brandon super sites are no longer taking vaccination appointments. The province is now reviewing its supply, deciding if they need to cancel appointments.

"Manitoba will always have some level of vaccine inventory to ensure enough vaccine is available for the appointments booked to date, or unexpected delays related to weather or other issues."

Care home campaigns are continuing. At the end of this week, the province is set to have visited 61 personal care homes, giving approximately 3,903 residents their first Moderna vaccine. Next week 62 sites will be visited.

A total of 55,650 doses of vaccine has been delivered including:
• 40,950 doses of Pfizer vaccine, based on six doses per vial; and
• 14,700 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

The vaccination site in Thompson will open on February 1 using Moderna vaccines.