Along with releasing an app, the province is asking for "health system COVID-19 volunteers."

Throughout the pandemic, thousands of Manitobans have stepped up to help other residents. HelpNextDoorMB is one way Manitobans can do this, and on Tuesday, Premier Brian Pallister announced a call for a particular volunteer type.

The province is looking for health system COVID-19 volunteers. Pallister says this position could include giving water to people waiting for COVID-19 tests or taking temperatures.

In the upcoming weeks an app, first to be released in the Winnipeg Metro Region and the Prairie Mountian, will connect volunteers to those in need. The province says a criminal record check and vulnerable persons check will be automatically performed before a volunteer profile is approved.

Throughout the pandemic, many Manitobans have been helping their neighbours, such as a high school raking leaves, a school feeding over 1,200 people, and ministries such as UGM and Siloam Mission are continuing to serve.