Manitobans were once again treated to an amazing show of the aurora borealis Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

The show stretched all the way from Churchill in the north to south of Winnipeg, and many people captured amazing photographs.

Patrick Johanneson even captured an amazing time-lapse video of the light show northwest of Brandon.

Aurora Borealis, Nov. 3, 2021 from Patrick on Vimeo.

Tony Loewen says on Facebook he got called into work last night, and was rewarded for his hard work. He snapped these photos at Landing Lake, just outside of Gillam in northern Manitoba.

norhtern lights in very bright green large swirls, reflect on water in the night(Tony Loewen/Facebook)
Bright green norhtern lights reflect off the water and a dock in the foreground(Tony Loewen/Facebook)

And while the Northern Lights have shown off their classic bright green streaks this fall, some last night had more purple as the dominant colour.

Krissie Derhak captured these photos in Dauphin around 7 a.m.

A large column of bright purple reaches across the sky(Krissie Derhak)

Dragana Krstinić also captured the bright-purple lights at St. Andrews Airport just north of Winnipeg.

Purple light fills the night sky(Dragana Krstinić/Facebook)