Benjamin William Hastings has released a new live version of his popular single, 'Abandoned' featuring Brandon Lake. 

The studio version of "Abandoned" was released on Jan. 12 and quickly became Hastings' highest debut single to date with more than half a million streams since its release. 

"This is a surrender song," Hastings reveals about its theme. "It's coming from the perspective of everything God has done for us and the ways in which He surrendered and modeled that for us. How would we not do the same?"  

 "At first listen, this song may come across like it’s about our abandon and sure, it is, but to me, it’s more about His. He who not only chose the cross but had ‘angels at His fingertips’ and chose to remain. Every second, deciding again not to give up but to persevere. To repeatedly pursue surrender, even at the hour of greatest agony. I can’t think of a more inspiring sentiment than this, and I guess that brings me back to why it may sound like a song about our abandon; Maybe that’s the only way to respond to His."

The new version of the popular song was recorded while Hastings and Lake touring together last fall.