The brotherly love was real between two siblings as a six-year-old helped his four-year-old brother calm down during a tantrum.

Ashley, a mom of three boys, shared the adorable story on her Twitter Sunday, Mar. 14.

"My four-year-old was about to have a tantrum and my six-year-old helped him manage his breathing so he could calm down," Ashley writes on Twitter.

In a subsequent tweet, Ashley explains that her youngest wanted to play Nintendo, but couldn't because the device was charging.

"If ou have kids or have been around any, you know they think it's fully charged after being plugged (in) for only a millisecond ... anyway, it wasn't."

It was at that point his older brother intervened.

To help, Ashley's older son can be seen on the video walking his younger brother through a breathing exercise to calm him down. It works, as viewers hear Ashley's youngest son's breathing become less ragged.

But the whole situation was actually even cuter than the video shows.

"Y'all would've LOST it had I recorded from the very beginning," Ashley says.

Prior to helping him even his breathing, Ashley says her middle child was also empathizing with his brother to help him feel better.

"My baby (her six-year-old) was all 'I understand the pain, I do, but you just have to wait. It's not done yet."

The video has gone viral with more than seven million views on the original post and more than 100,000 retweets.