Jon Buller is currently on a trip to Israel and when he came to the site where Jesus healed a paralyzed man, he couldn't help but sing praises to God. 

Buller has travelled to Israel with the radio program Back to the Bible as their guest worship leader. He says the trip has provided a lot of opportunities for awe-inspiring moments.

"It has been an incredible trip in the Holy Land, visiting many of the traditional sites of our faith." That includes visiting the two most likely places of the crucifixion, the tomb and resurrection.

But a trip to the Church of St. Anne provided for a powerful moment of worship caught on camera.

John 5 recounts the story of Jesus healing a paralyzed man at the Pool of Bethesda with the simple words, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk" (John 5:8 NIV). The Church of St. Anne, built in the 12th century, now sits at the site.

The church is well known for its acoustics and is a popular pilgrimage spot for singers, and Buller took the opportunity to sing his song 'Amen (Psalm 145).' It was a powerful moment of worship.

Buller says that the moment provided a sense of closeness to God. "The feeling is of God's nearness - actually Christ's nearness as a person. Certainly not to discount experiencing Christ through His Holy Spirit, but in this place, the person of Christ becomes very tangible to my spiritual sense I guess you could say."

"A trip like this enhances and affirms your faith and makes it come alive like never before"

And as amazing as the moment at the Church of St. Anne was, Buller says it was actually the second-most special moment on the trip so far.

"There have been some special times as we have about 90 people in our tour group, and at many of the sites we have sung worship songs together as we experienced the holiness in those places.

"Like I say, some are holy according to tradition, and some are in fact places where Jesus walked. But no matter what the case, a trip like this enhances and affirms your faith and makes it come alive like never before.

"Actually, my most emotional moment was singing 'Meet Me in the River' at the Jordan river and experiencing a convergence of my creative process and inspiration for writing the song, and then singing it at the very place that inspired it, [with] the same waters flowing by."