Three-time Grammy-nominated Christian artist DOE is releasing her first full-length album, filled with her heart and soul, hoping to draw listeners closer to God. 

"This album is about a culmination of about a year and a half's worth of experiences in my life," says DOE about her new album Clarity. "Expressing what I learned and how God walked me through those things and the layers that He pulled back. So this is a very honest album for me, about where I'm at."

DOE started her musical career in a family band called Forever Jones, with Jones being their last name. They were a Christian gospel septet, featuring her parents, a 16-year-old DOE and her two sisters and two brothers.

In 2014 DOE started a solo career. DOE was featured on Jonathan McReynolds’ single 'Cycles' in 2018 resulting in a Grammy nomination and her being signed to McReynolds label, Life Room.

"I think having such a great support system behind me added so much to that," says DOE of her family's support of her own musical career. "My family's reaction to everything DOE has been 'We're so proud of you,' and 'Oh I love this.' They've all been very supportive and it's something I'm very thankful for."

DOE collaborated with Maverick City Music in 2021 for their song 'Breathe.'

"My first session of that day was with John, Chandler (Moore), and Pat Barrett. We were just talking about what we felt needed to be said in the moment. There was so much racial unrest in America at that time, so it was kind of crazy that God took ahold of something we thought we were just creating together. It was a really cool moment."

She released one of her singles on Clarity, 'When I Pray' along with a music video on January 13, 2022. 

"For the song 'When I Pray,' I think the specific message is that God is so near and close to us. He's waiting to hear from us, He's waiting for us to call upon His name and He's waiting to have a relationship with us."

DOE used inspiration for the song from her dad and his heart towards prayer. While writing this song, DOE had her dad's often shared phrase playing in her mind, which is 'Prayer is the ancient wireless system where there are no dropped calls.'

"We always get these dad talks about how God is accessible to us and how we have access. His voice is at the end of the video and I said, 'Just say what you say and record yourself.' It was very touching."

The album Clarity has 11 original songs included.

Next week she'll continue to travel as a singer to a women's conference in Tampa, Florida before heading to Georgetown, Texas. She hopes to go on tour with this new music later in the year. 

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