Christian singer and rapper KB is releasing a powerful music video for his song 'Masterpiece', in honour of his baby daughter.

As a black American dad, KB points out some of the lies he says young black girls believe. In his song, he sings from the viewpoint of God, who calls his children a masterpiece. 

"The wounds of losing a father are often healed by being a good father," KB says on his latest Instagram post. 

In a documentary by This Is Me TV, KB reveals a private investigator who had been hired to find his father learned that his father had been murdered in a drug deal gone bad.

The video for 'Masterpiece' was premiered on YouTube on April 30, 2021, at 12:00 pm.

At the end of the moving video, showcasing many women and the other lies that can come up, the words 'for Nala Magaly' appear in the middle of the screen. KB and his wife have two sons and a daughter.

'Masterpiece' is one of the singles on his latest album released in 2020 called His Glory Alone.